New guidelines released for social media influencers' ads

The Federal Trade Commission has created new rules for influencers disclosing advertisements on social media.
3:11 | 11/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New guidelines released for social media influencers' ads
Before we go the government is putting your favorite social media influencers on notice the Federal Trade Commission wants full transparency when in influencers advertising. On behalf of the brand so the issued new guidelines on what they should be doing if you see that hash tag add that may not be enough so to discuss the details. I'm joined by professor Jennifer bridal. From Syracuse University also a social media experts a thanks for being here with us today. For starters I just want to ask you how do you even know if you're a social media influence there. Well a lot of people are certainly aspiring to be one of those points and you know everyone it seems beyond insert grammar Twitter FaceBook at this point but. Again you know DC guidelines are just really I think it not to act. Influencers more so you can it every day people. Eat. You know working with an agency or a large one but we might each seeking compensation. And what form. A free product Ernie. A trip you know its union vacations so my room while that. A new concept truth in advertising its new. You know. Median decade ago we wouldn't call these people gears for example are we might have called on consumers with the understanding that people maybe you're. Placing products and endorsed mending to bats but. No this word influencers really didn't swear but again listen son just. Imports and principles and if you're ticking some type of compensation or you have a relationship. With a brand that you need to disclose it and asked to groups as you mentioned may not be enough. Yes so what exactly are they new guidelines. What is the FTC asking for specifically for these people to do. Asking appropriate disclosure and really an up day on some previous endorsement guidelines that they issued for social media. That they issued news every couple years because the forms are putting out soon. Answer for example owes and pushing their lives are also been pushing the stories which you can incredibly. And so are really knew you know kind of ways to disclose ads in the space. A little shocking the ins and others not you know giving users more tools to disclose those relationships. And and Mickey you're cleared to the public. That they are you know giving some type of endorsements let's let's look at the cedars. And at quick. I asked anchor act and the distance it's taxed but we need platforms while there. Pushing out new ironically I streaming ends story's. Sad really. You know what works Wilson to his soon to give appropriate disclosures you can put a lot on the end user at this point in the general public might start soon. Engaging in advertising activities but did not need to start pointing your back it is the incorporated saying hey. You need to do more. To help users disclose. Her ties. All right so we'll see what this looks like. In the future professor Jennifer Rangel from Syracuse University thank you for breaking it down they appreciated. It.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The Federal Trade Commission has created new rules for influencers disclosing advertisements on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66794418","title":"New guidelines released for social media influencers' ads","url":"/US/video/guidelines-released-social-media-influencers-ads-66794418"}