Gunman wearing tactical gear allegedly fired shots at Dallas federal courthouse

The alleged shooter died at Baylor University Medical Center.
1:56 | 06/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gunman wearing tactical gear allegedly fired shots at Dallas federal courthouse
An act of terror today outside a federal. In Dallas Texas a masked man dressed in combat gear. Using an assault rifle. For some as yet unknown reason to open fire on the building porcelain no one was hit by any bullet. Tonight we're learning that the 22 year old shooter was discharged from the army two years ago after serving only about eighteen months. With the latest here's ABC's Morton has more. Well this shooting happened just as many people were getting to work you see the scene just behind me here that isn't main street here in downtown Dallas. And just seeing the left is the girl Pavel federal building where police say a 22 year old man. Lie and a Isaak Clyde. Opened fire shooting at this federal building and then police say he was involved in a shootout with authorities and eventually. Turned was killed in that shootout and officers from. The federal protective service. He's shooter later identified. Bryant I did. Not long ago authorities in their midst to piece together what happened they found these suspect vehicle parked in the parking lot here. And the bomb squad used a controlled explosion. To defuse a potential threat. And as the investigation continues there certainly a number of questions about why this happened and there are also. Compelling an astonishing videos. Surfacing online showing the chaos and the shoot out. As it happened. Can hear the shocks us and volley of shots as they echo through the downtown buildings here. In Dallas up miraculously despite the hour this happened around 8:40 in the morning because many people were heading to work. No one else was injured in the shooting also the responding officers were unhurt as well this time we have no information indicating that there are other. Shooters or other threats. Marcus Moore ABC news. Dallas.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The alleged shooter died at Baylor University Medical Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63772099","title":"Gunman wearing tactical gear allegedly fired shots at Dallas federal courthouse","url":"/US/video/gunman-wearing-tactical-gear-allegedly-fired-shots-dallas-63772099"}