Should Guns Be Allowed in Church?

"The View's" Candace Cameron Bure says churches can be a soft target for extremists who disagree with their views and need a way to protect themselves.
5:01 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for Should Guns Be Allowed in Church?
Visit Detroit preachers stopped a brick wielding. Attack at who interrupted his service by allegedly shooting and killing him Mora and more passes are carrying firearms with them to start. Since the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina so of course and I guess is due weapons have a place in the house the worst. I feel like it's a bad sports (%expletive) film like scooter leaving Obama not churches. And a barely any jail I think and I wouldn't say that past earth should be packing look him during service you Atlanta and he right now I might be. A look at how the worship are considered safe gotten sounds. But it makes them soft targets for extremists and crazy people so my church for instance my passer had been has been attacked. During church he's being hat had death threats in this says comment because. People disagree with that he is so they have to have some sort of defense. Now a lot of churches they won't have off duty police officer nurse that will be able to. Carry dying in this in case of these types of emergencies and for higher local please. This is this is just like its protection from the air practical today I mean I did an excellent teachers carrying guns. You're teaching a class I was a teacher at his post have a weapon and say otherwise the kits can get to it. So now but wait a second don't should get let me get the dot. And then I'll tape player putting an end of the priest is giving the house no well hold on before I did the house let me know that might not but anyone can go through the doors of the church not anyone can go to the doors of a school you have to go through security okay on the doors of a school that's out this way I want a louder shot I needed as well I'm. So here's my question you have we just had a shooting here the police officer. Cool. Was shot by an ass. White act in an on site. You have to beat that we're live too bad. I'm not at. On a bicycle. I'm tired of everybody shooting everybody come to really just. Okay. Now. When it's an unarmed. Kids at 90 white kid on unarmed black kid a woman any I'm sick of it so I don't think any more guns in places is the answer now they're. There have been. Probably fifteen black churches box and the lasts. Seven months you know its search is a you know expired at a church in black neighborhood near Ferguson that ten day it seems right there and I think our city dot and they're so vulnerable what are surgically with what did it but what. You're not supposed to pull out of punishing the guy who's freak the crazy got as you guys are always talking about you know mental health about health is not it you know. Money and not being sent off EnergySolutions I just offered solutions up having higher police they are to have you never odd criminal charges there on this country club a needless sourced some churches have that maybe it's a federal mandate. What about it and other occasions they haven't done ended they Ghana has made me. Maybe there's another way to protect yourself as well like he said give them options I'm all ports haze there I'm all for learning how to fight leisure fist he can get up not by backgrounds tax. You run money for man told how does have got eliminating guns at the hands of people who don't have. License is for example would not all that. 0000 you are. Yeah. Earlier but a lot of schools have armed guards as well I give and give a problem with that does it give a problem with that beds and gardens are not suiting the kids big tasks but. Let them treats her like they are stunning in its ties to kill Mike and well. Maybe and that's what sitting on a plane no it's not the same thing that Miami isn't sorts preach it. But as someone they wait hours in the creek when that a pastor who suffer not yet she's not endorsing Matt I nice and it was named after it. If you you can put security outside everybody has security elaborate when she. But to arm to see to the priest yes go ahead Karen got this is what happens 'cause I'm sure our. That he wasn't expecting that but I'm sort Eads this was like olives not but. It was. Let me ask is not a Secret Service isn't a more practical just but given that you know they're not gonna change these gun laws so fast unless people start voting. I'm I don't but. Isn't it more practical to have a weapons check at the dorm rather than arm everybody in the church our lady of the can get you classic Marx I mean what are the you know district Smart to Catholic girl yeah lady Obafemi. A more practical can't. Have a weapons jet like they do win in walk into any kind of city buildings can find that we're gonna find all these people carrying hazardous pentagon probably aren't so who's gonna find enough money because we know about the -- tribal about a plane they got an up not not every church not insurance.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"\"The View's\" Candace Cameron Bure says churches can be a soft target for extremists who disagree with their views and need a way to protect themselves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34634914","title":"Should Guns Be Allowed in Church?","url":"/US/video/guns-allowed-church-34634914"}