Hall of Famer Gary Carter Dies

Gary Carter, World Series champion & Gold Glover succumbs to brain tumor at 57.
1:17 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Hall of Famer Gary Carter Dies
On April ninth 1985. Its first game as New York man. Gary Carter instantly -- the 441 tree that had brought him two weeks. Opening day in week. -- -- -- He was brought over Xavier already he has they were standing in -- in the stands cheering yelling -- read -- and I've never felt that Montreal and I just felt like hey I've arrived -- here it's -- New York. You know arguably the best catcher in arguably the best -- baseball in the early 1980s. -- we had a New York a much bigger states that he had sticky. Yet to Montreal. That's -- Jackson if it's too perfect marriage CD player -- inability. But -- Jackson was off -- Parker was -- seasons. Made against him he hit the city needs is it -- Here is always indicating it's always happy in the day and you say to yourself no one could -- -- at. All the time. That's what we call him the keys. Here because we had -- Every time -- the camera -- on smile that. Carter's second season in New York 1986. Would be the year the next. But in the World Series they found themselves trailing five to three in the tenth inning -- six. Boston was just one out away from its first World Series championship in sixty years. I -- -- of -- Lotta people ever had to those terms. And I just came to play with a great deal. He seemingly hopeless situation. Carter kept hope alive. Sparking the most probably. -- -- Greatest comebacks have probably -- not the greatest comeback -- and World Series history. It just kind of puts a punctuation mark on -- tenacity. Two nights after Carter initiated that it will come back the -- were cheap seats. Carter was -- of the war. A victim of his own reluctance to take days off Carter was already wearing down. He was 32 in 1986 but only -- to more full seasons. He retired after the 1992 season which he spent back in Montreal with the Xbox. There is a given time where you have to realize. As God's perfect timing when to say goodbye. And you know I will never say goodbye to baseball. Inexplicably. And said -- Carter an eleven time all star was forced -- six years after becoming eligible to be elected to the hall of fame. -- finally tried to 2000. Agree. It is nice to know that even though my body feels like an old man now. I'll always be a kid at heart. Carter -- straight no bitterness he went into Cooperstown. As he played. Nancy -- Smiling. Eager enthusiastic. -- for.

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{"id":15706238,"title":"Hall of Famer Gary Carter Dies","duration":"1:17","description":"Gary Carter, World Series champion & Gold Glover succumbs to brain tumor at 57.","url":"/US/video/hall-famer-gary-carter-dies-15706238","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}