Hallmark apologizes for pulling ad depicting gay couple kissing

The president of GLAAD reacts to Hallmark pulling a commercial showing a same-sex couple kissing on their wedding day.
3:40 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Hallmark apologizes for pulling ad depicting gay couple kissing
I'm joined by Sarah Kate Ellis the president and CEO of glad the world's largest LG BTQ media advocacy organization. Some really happy you're with us here because I want to ask you what did you think of the reversal. And the message that sends in the community. And that's the most important thing in the message that that sense of the community is that we do matter that we aren't second class citizens that are marriages are important they're legal in this country. So why shouldn't they be shown on television. Especially for someone like me who has a wife and we have ten year old twins yet so I was trying to take my kids through this controversy in explained to them. What this means because it devalues their family. So it so is a very positive message I'm glad that they did it quickly it needed to be done quickly and swiftly and and a true apology needed to be issued. Which came from the CEO Mike period he said that in his statement he said. Hallmark will be working with a less so when I want to ask you is what does that work look like specifically. So glad does work we we work with. Fortune 500 companies and content creators across America across the globe honestly. And we consult with them we help them get it right. From a representation. Fair and accurate representations what we're looking for and what we expect in so will help them. We helped P&G with commercials that they just created that are LG BTQ inclusive. We've helped television shows. Don't represent the community properly and so we talked to them work it through will hold them accountable as well so. Hallmark did have a positive track record on LG BTQ representation. But prior to the so this when this happened it was really concerning an shocking honestly. They were moving in the right direction they had just issued a statement at the beginning of the holiday season saying that they were going to be more inclusive. Of LG BTQ families and so this was it real surprise when this happened actually. Yet so listen the work is happening it's collaborative yes yes the what I want to ask is because I want to ask you about the report that glad does because. You just published you're 2019 airport and he can't do this every year it's called where we are on TV. Yes so every year we look at the representation on broadcast and streaming. And where the LG BTQ community is on that and so are are measured for that is fair and accurate. It doesn't have to be positive there are sad stories as well but we want to make sure that there is equality and a quantity to that representation. And so this year at this past year we issued a challenge to content creators to. She get 10% on broadcasts of LG BTQ representation. And they met at talents in a year so we're really excited about that when you look at Jen Z this upcoming. Generation. Nearly 40%. Identify as LG BTQ plus. So we've raised a challenge to content creators across broad cast and streaming. To get to 20% representation. Wow he asked so we're really excited with that we're here to help do that to you. And you can tell there is a market for this for our storytelling for the stories of LG BTQ people. People like hearing about our stories learning about us. And we know is glad that people across America might not know LT BTQ people. Will meet them on TV or on their device when they're streaming content. It's amazing yes amazing work I'm happier here to have this conversation and Sarah Kate Ellis president and CEO of glad days the airlines again having me absolutely.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The president of GLAAD reacts to Hallmark pulling a commercial showing a same-sex couple kissing on their wedding day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67757216","title":"Hallmark apologizes for pulling ad depicting gay couple kissing","url":"/US/video/hallmark-apologizes-pulling-ad-depicting-gay-couple-kissing-67757216"}