Handcuffed Woman Tasered, Cop Suspended

Oklahoma police officer faces disciplinary action after using a Taser on a woman in custody.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Handcuffed Woman Tasered, Cop Suspended
But how to police that ultimately that officer was out of line when he used attends a similar to this one. But we project -- on camera -- Tina Williams is handcuffed in custody for public intoxication. She appears to be mouthing off when she suddenly -- some one of the officers he taster. Obviously. Spitting in the face or on a police officer is an -- But the officer's reaction the raised eyebrows and red flags offices sterling Taylor is seen circling Williams while the probes were still on her. That lasted for a little more than a minute. -- only justification for him a -- -- Would've -- if somehow she was able to physically attacked him in some way that. Look capable of actually injuring him seriously. I don't know how she could've done that. -- hands hands cuffed behind -- back. The department found Taylor violated the McAlester police department's policy for handling -- they slapped him with a two week unpaid suspension. And we'll have to undergo more training but the American Civil Liberties Union rep says that's not enough. This is -- one -- wire. And then see the little probes and how can either extra ticket. Major Shannon Clark with the Tulsa county sheriff's office won't comment specifically on this case but the taser instructor lettuce and on how his agency uses the tool. After verbal instructions are given before you have to go. Hands on and actually try to fight somebody. That we had this in or pepper spray agent -- in retaliation. Again a Tulsa county sheriff's office can't comment specifically on this case now we reached out to the -- police. And they tell us that they can't comment either because the officer has the right to appeal. And Tulsa County looks way it's -- Tulsa -- channel late.

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{"id":17169863,"title":"Handcuffed Woman Tasered, Cop Suspended","duration":"3:00","description":"Oklahoma police officer faces disciplinary action after using a Taser on a woman in custody.","url":"/US/video/handcuffed-woman-tasered-cop-suspended-17169863","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}