Helping hands with and hand sanitizer

Jayden Perez, 11, is looking out for his friends and community by donating hand sanitizer.
2:16 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Helping hands with and hand sanitizer
And finally here today you can never get enough good news during times like this people helping other people and sometimes. It's the youngest among us that can set the best examples like eleven year old. Jane Perez looking up for his friends and his community by coming through. With much needed donations enhance an appetizer to help keep everyone safe so. We are very delighted to have G Aden with us now to talk about his very generous good deeds Jane thanks for being here and I just love how you've been helping everyone out in your community. How do you got the idea to donate hand sanitize are. Well I got guy DNA done any cancel its highest. Because a lot of my friends didn't have home soon I your experience a lot of my friends of Matt in the community until they had canceled my Dick. I wanted to don't know Hansel and to my friends my school my local school gets sticks and my community. And as you point out that hands Energizer is really tough to come by these days. But you weren't headed to game so how people reacted when you show up with it and give it to that. You're really shocked. How much sentencing tell you actually add. I would get about 15100 won't sing tie against. South Carolina won't until anti wars and you're so not I blew it so people look we're very shocked about the amount I had. So there wouldn't shock while I'm sure shocked and so grateful and so thankful that you. Were able to give the not and here is one of my favorite parts about this each bottle has a personal message on it from you what does it say. From the bottom of my heart and why was it important to include that message. Well all important to include my and that message is because it that's my logo that's like nonprofit organization. All my nonprofit organizations currents from the bottom of my if I have my own share ex from the bottom of my heart's so it's jinx. I'm thing that makes say after having video. We will do something we'll do it. Your bottom of your heart scientists warn you put that on bird paintings whose stock or that warm is all of our hard say Jane we are so proud of view. Thank you for doing your part to help so many and thanks for being with us today we appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. Thinking of theft.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Jayden Perez, 11, is looking out for his friends and community by donating hand sanitizer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69750501","title":"Helping hands with and hand sanitizer","url":"/US/video/helping-hands-hand-sanitizer-69750501"}