Helping hands: Invisible Hands

Co-founder of Invisible Hands, Liam Elkind, joins us to discuss the group’s mission to deliver food, medicine, and other supplies for people who are vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic.
3:17 | 03/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Helping hands: Invisible Hands
Those looking for assistance during these challenging times are finding helping hands in the twenty somethings who creed in an organization called invisible hands. The group rallies volunteers to deliver food medicine and other supplies to people who are vulnerable in the corona virus pandemic. And joining us now is co-founder William Al kind thanks so much for being with us and I know. Its importance it to talk about how in this world of social distancing you Lawler keeping your distance and yet. Still providing so much needed support tell us how you're doing this. Yeah that's great questions so basically we're just a group of grassroots organizers who came together and recognize the need in this community effort seeks three deliveries people who are most in need right now asks so where a group of almost 8000 Xena mostly young healthy people. Just making deliveries grocery delivery subscription livers whatever it is that people need and and make municipal connections on the way quits mall keeping our distance of course we pictured it. Practice all kinds sanitary guidelines as recommended by the CDC also engaging and being able to get people what they need. New we've been checking in with you over these this past week how has business ramp up so to speak give us a sense of how many or your helping right now. Yeah I mean it's been it's been crazy but in the best rate possible sue we're up to almost 8000 volunteers now we've done almost 500 deliveries to freeze over 30000 dollars all of which goes towards it makes hitting the web send stuff but mostly to subsidies. To help offset a little bit of the calls for the people have been hardest hit by the economic shock of this disease as well you know known chefs make that decision between prescription medicine and the food that they need to live so we're trying to tell people at the thought of as well. It's so prevalent to know that people have been generous in in sponsoring you and helping you do what you're doing what types of things are you bringing to these folks who who don't have. Any other way of getting. Yes it's really whatever people need the most so he knows a lot of groceries lot of prescriptions I'm a lot of people are just really lonely in these times Nieves a time of social isolation. But what we've said easier that's maybe the wrong term we can be physically distancing. But we can be socially engaging with one another I made a ton of friends throughout this whole process. And intergenerational amendment's other volunteers as Wilson's really been a sign of this whole community coming together and beautiful. Linda I hitting a lot of gotten a date out of all of us. Yeah well I want to limit delivered tissues lovely and we had a nice. Conversation and afterwards she sent me a picture of her granddaughter and her contact information a couple of you look at that tape tells the New England cannot be based on patenting let's get up on. I keep you posted. Give us a sense of of the response you get when you bringing these items to these folks who yes who may be lonely who might be desperate in in in fact. What are you hearing back from. I think hearing such tremendous gratitude and a lot of people who say you know. You know firefighters couldn't either and nurseries for for months after because kids were speaking to help. I think people in this primer are hungry to help the hungry to dump those connections and make new friends so it's. In this time when it feels like the world's pulling us apart it's been beautiful to see a stable to come together all. It's brought out the best in you and so many others fleeing Al kinds thank you from the bottom of our half carts for what you've done for so many and what you're gonna continue to do so thank you. Change you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Co-founder of Invisible Hands, Liam Elkind, joins us to discuss the group’s mission to deliver food, medicine, and other supplies for people who are vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69819376","title":"Helping hands: Invisible Hands","url":"/US/video/helping-hands-invisible-hands-69819376"}