Hero Helps Pull 2 From Small Plane Crash on Long Island

Craig Schum, 33, was driving home from work when he helped rescue a pilot and his passenger.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero Helps Pull 2 From Small Plane Crash on Long Island
Federal officials investigating the cause of small plane crash on eastern Long Island police and the pilot and -- on board might be dead. And not some people nearby who came to their eight -- -- -- reporter Kristin -- Warren talked to one of the men rushed to the scene of the crash Christen. -- -- we also spoke with the pilot Steven doctor we spoke with him that his bed at Stony Brook hospital he says it was taking off here. From East Hampton airport -- -- about 30400. Feet in the air. And there -- some sort of power failure on the plane so he tried to land the plane in the woods right over here to avoid. -- a big sort of crash and he says that's when a local man came by to help. I thought she was dead. Like she she's covered in blood their -- like totally despite all -- up like seriously but for head legs chest like. Both of them just completely covered in blood and. -- -- is still trying to figure out how to deal with what he saw it yesterday he used just passing -- East Hampton airport when he heard a huge thing in the woods nearby. This -- like a decision process at that point I was just running towards. This airplane is on fire. -- -- this ten foot wire fence he came upon the pilot Steven -- he's from Massachusetts and his passenger Kimberly Perillo. Jon says -- there was walking around bloodied and peace she was on the ground with her her right leg still stuck in the the -- -- says he's helped get reload and doctor to safety according to head and I came in the UK. -- says he hasn't slept since all this happened yesterday came straight to work -- -- bakery in Wayne Scott he's been getting a lot of kudos but if you ask him. I didn't do anything like I just help people they needed help. Secret -- says there were several other people that also came to the aid of those victims helping to pick up that fence -- they can actually get them underneath that paramedics could help them. Stephen doctor says he is going to be okay -- that Kimberly religious suffered. A broken arm and some cuts and paris' we're live -- East Hampton Long Island -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17089902,"title":"Hero Helps Pull 2 From Small Plane Crash on Long Island","duration":"3:00","description":"Craig Schum, 33, was driving home from work when he helped rescue a pilot and his passenger.","url":"/US/video/hero-helps-pull-2-small-plane-crash-long-island-17089902","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}