A Hero Meets Superheroes

Going behind the curtain at George Lucas' legendary Industrial Light and Magic.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Transcript for A Hero Meets Superheroes
I do think tank of -- domestic -- Magic cost for -- inside true ground and with a work that was done for me -- that due process for. These -- motion capture what do you see this vehicle -- and -- -- -- that there -- pick up everybody served first as he tumbled. -- -- -- And any idea being that you wanna make the capture of -- possible. It's you have to be able to get it from my angle because you know we're gonna fight scene and -- -- some of them over here right still have sensitive here that could certainly. This tablet actually has motion capture markers on it well so it's tracking the camera. It's -- cool and we can -- them. For sex to. Have you just want. Net profit -- the effect of putting up with him. -- -- -- Missed his from a visual effects are -- here that's what magic and removed soon about what we -- here in the -- are also. Usually we start off trying to get a sense. Expected. Christ Jesus tells students that he could -- -- he really wanted for the violent people feel. One that we hadn't seen. We picked this one from around that we did. And we didn't work a little tighter also worked sort of showing off how -- -- in the context of its. A lot of times we find. Working more sort of realistically executive director of -- what -- looked like in the final frame and their film as it once we get approval is something like that and we move into working out. The specifics. -- from under the -- On top how do you make -- we work. It helps sort of keep us honest about the proportions. So we're not to showing it to be piece of artwork was an -- that they've made life from that angle put -- in -- -- it's exactly. If the director -- that is we can passed on to proceed model its strategic arms and it serves -- -- really accurate -- For how the final.

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{"id":17049665,"title":"A Hero Meets Superheroes","duration":"3:00","description":"Going behind the curtain at George Lucas' legendary Industrial Light and Magic.","url":"/US/video/hero-meets-superheroes-17049665","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}