Hero Student Saves Pennsylvania Stabbing Victims

Franklin Regional senior Alex Pasculle alerted authorities and helped tend to the wounded.
1:47 | 04/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero Student Saves Pennsylvania Stabbing Victims
I would go downstairs whenever someone who we not go downstairs and and and that's whenever I saw somebody who. Had been stabbed when -- Pascal Franklin regional senior heard the fire alarm during home room he knew something was wrong. When he's on the first victim he -- -- teacher to keep -- inside Iran. And Pascal in EMT with Murray's home and -- -- an outside to get his first aid backed. He notified the school resource officer of the stabbing on his way out park my car and -- We -- different sort you know tree Austin Koenen after treating victims who had walked outside he -- back inside the building intended to injured security guard. John -- -- that. This school nurse join him there is actually. -- so much blood that she actually felt getting up and I felt enough to. Settlers trying to get -- we were really stand then it was to win 114 -- too seriously hurt victims waited. Pascal made makeshift dressing it's to keep them alive until ambulances arrived that's directed save lives. It directly saved lives -- militant. From the bleeding. The amount of blood and you know it. Just simple -- pressure on something save the life -- Pascal won't take any credit alone. A -- scenario. -- -- should work. In it was awesome. You know while Alaska -- together we could use our knowledge he says the staff in students refused to beat the victims problem that wasn't really you know. Just me because it really was a team effort -- -- the fact we -- school. Every teacher in the -- stayed back every keys and -- statement I mean they could have all left they were all they all put themselves and.

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{"id":23303150,"title":"Hero Student Saves Pennsylvania Stabbing Victims","duration":"1:47","description":"Franklin Regional senior Alex Pasculle alerted authorities and helped tend to the wounded.","url":"/US/video/hero-student-saves-pennsylvania-stabbing-victims-23303150","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}