Hershey School Won't Admit HIV Positive Boy

Pennsylvania school cites health issues in denying admission to 13-year-old.
1:37 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Hershey School Won't Admit HIV Positive Boy
Reps were Milton Hershey school -- they received tons of applications to attend school here. And the school where teachers and houses underprivileged kids recently rejected a kid because the thirteen year old -- resident. Is HIV positive this -- was not admitted because he was HIV positive. That's that's corrected and and we it was a very challenging decisions for -- to make that we have to balance. The needs of an individual our desire to serve the needs of an individual. With our obligation to protect the health and safety at the 18150 students. -- -- here school -- Connie MacNamara says it was a tough call. It was over public safety concerns she says the school cannot handle student with a chronic communicable disease to -- -- the health concerns did you guys have come to -- votes what. -- I think you know any any more specifics we'll have to wait and and the response will be filed in court. We're still dealing with this level. Of the year and hysteria. I have the medical literature is clear is -- present no risk to anyone at this school. Rhonda Goldfein represented the thirteen year old and his mother. And says -- no risk he -- she recently filed suit in US district court claiming the middle school student who was not named. Was discriminated against even if Milton Hershey is a private school. -- an incorrect reading of the law -- their private. Isn't bound by the same laws that we are all bound by. Know her -- is standing by its decision now both sides say the court will decide.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Pennsylvania school cites health issues in denying admission to 13-year-old.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15072885","title":"Hershey School Won't Admit HIV Positive Boy","url":"/US/video/hershey-school-denies-admission-to-hiv-positive-boy-15072885"}