High-stakes cases ahead as Supreme Court term winds down

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the high number of unanimous decisions so far this Supreme Court term, and previews some of the major decisions to come this month.
3:35 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for High-stakes cases ahead as Supreme Court term winds down
The US Supreme Court is now in the high stakes final weeks of its term today handing down a 54 opinion that limit stiff mandatory sentences for some violent criminals the narrow ruling comes as a new ABC news analysis finds most of the supreme court's decisions so far this year have been unanimous. For more on this and what's in store in the coming days our Devin Dwyer joins us now from Washington my old friend Deb it is so good to see you all should assist ethnic. DeVon we hear so often about the sharp divisions on the court between liberals and conservatives. How surprising are these new findings. But this is a remarkable show of consensus Stephanie at such a politically polarizing time you know. Over the past decade on average about about half 48% of the supreme court's opinions are unanimous but so far this term. It's 66%. Of the opinions have been unanimous that's trading well above average. So what's going on here well there has been a concerted effort by this court by these justices to really show. That they are bad not partisan that they are not political figures they are not. A voting based on the party the president that appointed them. We've heard Justice Breyer speak about this over and over again be his that the court's credibility is strengthened when they speak with one voice. So I suspect that is at play here but it's also. Factor of time unit still very early in the court's term in typically. The earliest decisions are the ones that they have the easiest time agreeing to end right into there are 21 opinions still set to come down. So a lot of expected more divisive. Opinions in the days ahead seven. Endemic to give seed to say that a majority of people want to see that the court is not partisan. Still what are some of the biggest decisions to expect from a court in the next few weeks. Well the most high. Hotly anticipated decision is Obama care 31 million Americans have received health coverage connected to the law of course. As we know millions more have that gotten those protections for preexisting conditions all of that is in the balance the court will weigh in there. There's a major ruling coming Stephanie on LG BT rights and religious liberty the justices will decide whether a faith based group. I can't discriminate based on sexual orientation age if they contract with the government that's a big case the court is gonna weigh in on the voting rights act. And how we will judge whether these new election laws discriminate on the basis of race still taking major good eye hand down a major case. On college sports canned schools caps some of the benefits that the student athletes receive an and then Stephanie there's a big case. On student free speech wind can kids speak out on social media after hours in kids' schools police then there. That's a case we've been following and want to be more highly contentious cases we expect. Just in the next few days. Those are definitely some big cases Obama care LG BTQ brides and I know you'll be you'll stay on those but as always there's also the chance one of the justices kind of retired do we have any indication that. Well no indication yet but all eyes as Stephanie are on justice Stephen Breyer he's the oldest member of the court. At 82 he's the oldest senior member on the band show he's given no indication that he's ready to go in fact. He's showed signs he loves that job he wants to stay he's got staying power. But a lot of liberals are urging Breyer to leave and we'll see if he makes that decision and whether president Biden gets to make his first appointment Stephanie. All right Evan thank you so much. Good to see a thank you.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the high number of unanimous decisions so far this Supreme Court term, and previews some of the major decisions to come this month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78211893","title":"High-stakes cases ahead as Supreme Court term winds down","url":"/US/video/high-stakes-cases-ahead-supreme-court-term-winds-78211893"}