Hit-and-Run Tragedy at SXSW

Police: Drunk driver strikes crowd, leaves two dead and several injured.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Hit-and-Run Tragedy at SXSW
Everywhere you look somebody's been heads. CPR. Good afternoon everyone I'm Dan -- -- -- New York with this ABC news breaking news report whore -- a major music festival in Austin. When suspected drunk driver being pursued by police. Slammed into a crowd at the SXSW festival in Austin late last night that crash. Killing two people and injuring dozens more in this morning two people are in critical condition the driver in custody now charged with two counts. Capital murder so for more on what happened and the latest developments those recovering I want to -- -- ABC's Ryan Owens and Ryan take us through what happen how did this all start. -- again -- you mention it happened just after midnight about 12:30. This morning. Austin police pulled over a suspected drunk driver on in the area of a gas station that was a couple of blocks. From -- like outlook which is this as you mentioned. Enormous. Largely outdoor music festival where a lot of people party well into the night in the -- they were allowed -- don't outlaw. The young man -- -- pull over police say he didn't to a caught he wanted no part of being pulled over and accused of drunk driving so keep fled from police sought the officers he promptly turned out at the gas station and started heading. On the wrong way down -- one way street -- war to tell myself last he'd been in countered. A barricade that was set up to block the streets because again people were out there having a good time. The weather is beautiful right now in central Texas and people were outside taking advantage -- -- outdoor stages and that area anybody that familiar with -- by. Well -- would know that. This young man crashed through that barricades. And began to end there's no other way to say it simply running people over on the two people that were killed we believe were on a -- -- hit them. I killed those two any -- cap that was in the area. And -- as you mentioned on the order of about two dozen other people get by this young man before he was finally. He got out of a heart started to run in -- that -- -- is by Austin police. And the horror finally and that. Absolutely ugly scene and the range of injuries went from minor to very serious effect here's an update from what do hospitals. From a news conference earlier this morning. I wanna say to stop the southwest we urge them to continue with this great venue this we -- we cannot allow one individual. Who -- his selfish acts -- -- only about one person that was himself. To rule on a wonderful event it -- event a celebration. Of life a celebration of music. And I think if you were to council events that would be a victory war. Evil and not a not a victory for -- community. -- the police chief updated latest on the injuries from that accident the crash last night but right what do we know what the driver what about his injuries. A lot -- be a local newspaper the -- Austin American statesman has identified him manatee one each. Who is from Colleen Texas switched on what you might recognize that it town that is home to Fort Hood. Which is America's largest army base so we will find out later today. Is this young man an American soldier we just don't know right now just in the name -- -- access. Huge percentage of people that -- there are -- associated with the military well see that's the case. -- doesn't have eighty arraignment scheduled for later this afternoon. Where we -- to find out more about -- -- as you mentioned and -- is no joke let's keep in mind that the state -- And you mentioned capital murder charges two of them -- other people die you can expect more. Let's make no mistake about what that means that mean this young man will be facing the death penalty for what -- at last night. And to put this into context -- SXSW is obviously it's it's a very popular -- grown by the thousands over -- years for those attending. Any kind of a mass casualty incident like this obviously putting a strain on their facilities their local hospitals in -- -- local hospital described exactly how they got ready. When that first -- Responded pretty quickly we mobilize all of our own call or services we mobilized all our on call services I came in from home others came in from home. So actually. We had -- beefed up staff as the first patients arrived. Right what are we heard about the response than it has given the fact that as you've been describing. The areas essentially cordoned off its barricaded off -- first responders able to get there and get in place. -- -- -- who surround because remember all of these. Downtown streets were blocked off in fact according to police chief there was a police -- -- -- that barricade that this year and camps while Peru. That officer jumped out of the way justice David don't -- and that presumably within a position to start helping people so. There were a lot of paramedics on scene I mean anybody -- attended -- the large street festival especially. In downtown area the major metropolitan area you know that there are always ambulance paramedics certainly police in the area so. I don't think there's -- there's been any. Are questioning on the response to that it simply you know bumping netted about it unexpected. As you can imagine that somebody coming down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fleeing from police and the next thing you know -- in the middle. What is -- crowded area that -- -- mind. Again -- the music festival so you've got loud music you've got all kind of noise going on and then suddenly you have. This chaos injected into the middle of it one can only imagine what that's in -- like this morning. ABC's Ryan Ellis thought the latest on this story Ryan we certainly appreciate that and of course you can keep up with the story in real time. Downloading the ABC news at star in this -- for exclusive updates on ago but for now I'm -- Cutler and New York with its ABC news breaking news reports.

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{"id":22902586,"title":"Hit-and-Run Tragedy at SXSW","duration":"3:00","description":"Police: Drunk driver strikes crowd, leaves two dead and several injured.","url":"/US/video/hit-run-tragedy-sxsw-22902586","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}