Holocaust survivors on their pandemic struggles

A group sends chocolate and books to Holocaust survivors hunkered down during the pandemic.
5:58 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Holocaust survivors on their pandemic struggles
The pandemic for more than a year force us all and keep our distance isolated and often stay away from the ones we love it was jarring. But imagine being a holocaust survivor living through fear of isolation or just plain old fear already wants and your wife. And in your later years dealing with this. Cure Phillips brings us this beautiful story of two survivors and the chocolate company that never forgot. Rural. They're past incredibly painful to talk can now in my whole finally shake things. Yeah day in every night dinner every moment we'll. They're perspective now. Remarkably calmly freed him it's a very young. Grammy special thing that you can only understand and appreciate her didn't. I eighteen hole holing PCP life needs. The Holocaust still they're used. It's not chest as I sensational. Since the literally it may. Nots is coming. Now Lindsay dole and keep continuing this pandemic flu is stealing the only time they have laughed and shook the vigorous shake me. I'll feel I have known shall Camille taken away my yes. So. You are bound to need to holocaust survivors separated by 4000 mile. Just saw somebody has to sell my. Because the world has to know what happened what it means to never give up what did it feel like to be. Isolated in the barn has a little girl I'm Sammy emotional bond and bond. And I talk about the block. Cause I know men bowed Cleo. First we would enact and their first three months through in the space of four feet by five feet nine. Hiding behind his seeker along within a rat infested barn in Poland. Fearing every day that the Nazis would find her how DG stand. And stay still nine view in a four by five space he can do anything when you won't need to somebody. Some five moved his sub consists killed. Some vital skills they call it. A will to survive 87 year old Toby Levy says she's never lost and knew if she could survive the isolation of the Holocaust. She can survive through Kobe nineteen if I may and took some might add value and I wouldn't think it. And so far I have and I won a declaration. Nestled in New York within this pandemic to. Tranquility I call Toby who teaches us how solid team can be a saving grace. I'm in Vienna Austria. It's chocolate city keep. 92 year old the Chia island has been living through covic isolation to a stark reminder of the four years she hid from the Nazis. Deep in the cellar of this old factories. Owned by a craftsman who refused to let her die in what's known only eighteen whom you know why. Did the whole city they eat we'll end. In the median home so now this retired doctor knows what small surprises can do for the sole jones' you can see Sheila thank like the joy of a box of chocolates you know I dykstra he seems to sweeten her solitude of quarantine. The nonprofit centro from delivering free chocolates and books. Packages and hope to remind holocaust survivors likely Shiite in Austria and Toby in America they've. Even behind closed Kobe doors they are not alone. We feel that not forgetting these people is the best thing that we can do to let them know that. You're never gonna be forgotten so well Toby awaits person trooper Kera package I. Last autumn and citizen don't worry about it we helped deliver a different type of sweet treat. Are you ready Timmy tell me this is a moment I hit around me us Sweden chocolate not just queens new. Counted as being yes two Americans meeting for the first time so how many when you went hiding. All ingredients. Volume on our hands. Yeah. Yeah and obesity. Are not call I call yeah. Connected by Colin Powell and names have seen the way and then drinks on it. In the room and not so I didn't know whom one of the. Yeah and courage is okay beaten so many years in the war that I didn't. Blizzard conditions reminding all of us but it's okay now it was nice opening here. Yes it's the true survivors won't marry enjoy doing wrong direction and I pause sand and TE UU and he wasn't today in DC XY. IPhone and I. And getting leads and no more life doesn't seem to have the strongest soldiers at a but I thank god through no complaints no culminating. I'm and that. So for families right now. Who are watching this interview and they are feeling fear in this pandemic plans and saving them who have to a home. One day at a time it's where I've Ecstasy one day and night. Have to have hope what a sweet story our thanks to cure for that.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"A group sends chocolate and books to Holocaust survivors hunkered down during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77681219","title":"Holocaust survivors on their pandemic struggles","url":"/US/video/holocaust-survivors-pandemic-struggles-77681219"}