Home-school heroes: Learning through social media

ABC News’ Diane Macedo reports on a topic that hits close to home -- the role social media is playing in teaching, and the surprising people involved.
3:40 | 05/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Home-school heroes: Learning through social media
For parents. Working from home we many of us know firsthand can be a challenge but help is on the way all you need is an Internet connection. A little experience with social media ABC's Diane Macedo has more on the home school heroes trying to make teaching. A little easier. Just three months ago Alexis though there is says he was an introvert who largely kept to himself. Outside because I was ever it doesn't really you know increase rely. Now the sixteen year old is a bonafide social media star he's got over 650000. Followers on tick tack and five and a half million likes. All from viewers eager to hear what Alexis has to say. About math and science. Insist there is no value or. Yes I think they take type videos aren't. Azerbaijan cheap energy concepts. Are also a sense of meet as he's he'd be deals. I'm making will ask where. Armed bank amounting to 8000 people have torn her right. Did the subjects Alexis used to help his peers within person as a teacher's assistant. Do you per person. You're doing here east. Yes and so I'm motivating he deer on the idea that meet our video collection of school it was a blown out. One month later schools closed to decode that nineteen and Alexis is growing following went global. Earning him the nickname tickets happily to him a shiny morning is it like UC Wednesday. Youths and has so much better and these are honest and I. Macy's also late innings he also it. And he's not alone some teachers are also turning to social media reaching kids far beyond their own classrooms. Lately. I we're yak above says she started using tick tock as a way to connect with students was I drinking top. Kind of play something I taught my students about like I want to read it corny now radio. Now she uses it as a teaching tools reinforcing concepts he would have taught in class to her more than 101000 followers yeah. The old high school chemistry and physics teacher John ta leave broadcasts his classes on in to Graham live. For his students. And the world. The reason why I transform. My kids and yeah. It for the love my students and as you can see. Is getting bigger and bigger and teacher Monica son brings early childhood education to young kids be YouTube and Nancy Graham. Old well is out of shape little. Others an overwhelming. Are. It's just been well why are my parents are we being The Grateful. Dead even we people who are fifteen minute chalking engaged in some. Parents including yours truly who was thankful for a moment of stillness as my son enjoyed a moment with Monica can top her parents'. I don't run hysteria is not doing. It also working at its and we need some moments where he is. Entertained elsewhere say exactly where there's been any issues they're good and any anti leaking and it won't. Use our grace you. An incident and say I'm going that's a good advice to the many parents and students out there are grateful for all the help we can get. For ABC news live I'm Diana say no in New York.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"ABC News’ Diane Macedo reports on a topic that hits close to home -- the role social media is playing in teaching, and the surprising people involved. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70546485","title":"Home-school heroes: Learning through social media","url":"/US/video/home-school-heroes-learning-social-media-70546485"}