Honor Student Who Sued Parents Returns Home

Lawyer for Rachel Canning's parents says "the healing needs to begin."
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Honor Student Who Sued Parents Returns Home
Very pleased today to announce as you are probably heard on behalf of the -- family and Rachel's back home. What I want to try to implored everybody this is very typical you can imagine being thrown into the spotlight like this. They're not athletes are not actors they didn't ask for any of -- so now that this child's home this this young ladies home. I would I would really -- to respect their privacy. This is going to be a long road one that the -- it. She returned last night everything went great no one will be making at least I should say the canning -- As a family will -- making any speeches any announcements. Please don't email them please don't. Contact them to not camp out of their houses. This everyone should be happy to this -- happy situation. There's there's a long roared ahead this is not something that's gonna happen overnight. The point of this this process it needs healing needs it began it began last night and the more the less involvement with. The court and with attorneys and with the with the media the better. This is gonna. Let's hope so we want to make sure that we do this right nothing good could have come from this case absolutely nothing -- even this. Amicable resolution and fair and the right resolution occurring. Still market. This kid's going to be affected long term from the attention. My clients can't go anywhere they're going to be you know known for a long time as as a result of what's transpired. This blossomed into something no one expected nobody wanted I would request that. Remember this this this young -- only eighteen -- Mike quite nothing is changed due respect to what has -- -- in the media was been setting where papers but as far as my client concerned it teaching history it's done. -- they've welcomed her back into the house and we just respect we ask that you respect the wishes to give them some chance to resolve it.

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{"id":22884195,"title":"Honor Student Who Sued Parents Returns Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Lawyer for Rachel Canning's parents says \"the healing needs to begin.\"","url":"/US/video/honor-student-who-sued-parents-returns-home-22884195","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}