Hospital Thwarts California Baby's Kidnapping

Police say Grisel Ramirez disguised herself in hospital scrubs and took the infant from her mother.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hospital Thwarts California Baby's Kidnapping
-- constant scrubs the woman is captured by a surveillance camera and the hospital around 10 o'clock this morning just moments before she tries to steal a new born baby using this purple tie dyed -- -- Police say 48 year old was L premiere at the Garden Grove. Posing as a nurse walked -- the fifth floor maternity recovery ward and into the room of a woman who would just given birth to a baby girl last night. Told the mother that the doctor was on her way -- -- wanted to take a shower or something to that affect the mother got up. When into the shower and when that happens -- of the -- -- but inside it's a bag. But police say -- -- didn't get far thanks to a tracking device on the babies ankles similar to this one. A hospital security tool which -- alarms that -- hospital staff that the baby has been taken to an unauthorized location the alarm was triggered. The doors locked she's trying to open the door and disease death confronted her and then they looked inside a bag of -- -- it was a sign of him. Diana Leon knows firsthand that this type of electronic sensor works after trying to leave the hospital with her newborn daughter a few years ago -- -- -- -- -- -- but they and they read it did not start. Because -- -- he had the ankle but the ankle -- that. Yes -- back and they had a match -- Danny with. My -- that -- when my -- recent police say at this point they don't have a solid reason why Ramirez was allegedly trying to steal the baby they say the undocumented mother of two has been uncooperative with investigators and had to be truthful position for a new mothers at the end giving this child taken I think it. That really feel for him.

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{"id":16946743,"title":"Hospital Thwarts California Baby's Kidnapping","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say Grisel Ramirez disguised herself in hospital scrubs and took the infant from her mother.","url":"/US/video/hospital-thwarts-california-babys-kidnapping-16946743","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}