Hot Topics on 'Moms Get Real'

Moms on everything from the racy yearbook photo to Sesame Street breast-feeding.
5:15 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Hot Topics on 'Moms Get Real'
Welcome to moms get real on -- -- -- our goal is to break the facade of perfect motherhood and today. We're here to talk about what's on our minds and what's -- the news about mommy hood. And I'm joined by three pat those women and money's. Kelsey Kitna is the founder of the blog the momma bird -- and mom to Fifth Avenue all the final and 219 month old twins. Check in your -- -- accomplishment right isn't. And unit Kimberly -- out it contributed to lifetime moms founder of the blogger mocha manual -- And mom to two kids eleven year old daughter and a seven year old son -- And at the end last but not least -- Carol Kane and she is executed like ten months as well and founder of the blog and -- city mamma dot com. And your mother to three. The topics that are buzzing around parenting world and start with. Spot she's an eighteen year old from Colorado and she submitted a very racy I think it's fair to say photo for her -- but. And initially it was accepted and then the student committee said no too racy. Football yeah. -- And when what. The mother. -- Steve. Might explode. -- Our next topic let -- -- And they. Marketing -- You to beauty that he goes on YouTube by himself and watching him. But and marketing and just happened where they are market towards bureau with. -- Paula. And it. -- -- -- And. Well -- we have. I think -- Growth happening you know -- his -- but it. Was great and we look okay let's say it's a girl and it. I think need to if if all empathy but and you know he's not -- met and -- it's gonna wait. Don't think. I just. Came out of the money. In the fumbled the -- and in between right now. One bullet one girl nineteen months ago when -- holding a baby. And the -- -- -- in the face of the our next topic there are these anti obesity had seen their out of Georgia and -- by strong -- And they are intent it's you know -- -- important but this is really. Me if I'm that all the simplistic concept threatens children ultimately -- Obesity without. -- can. I think food it expects to eat their vegetables and apple and you know if anything I think an exercise class wealthy and. If you're probably doing it. In not more so let's move on -- -- -- one. Mystery and recipe maybe not to topic that you put together but in the seventies and eighties there were -- resting on that people -- war is that's. And all four I think -- I think what -- Normalized how many. Activities and he happened. And to act with -- -- But it. But and -- -- -- and now we -- -- is something. The next. It is Planned Parenthood this all the income tax and ask specific sex -- questions. When you think you -- injured -- -- -- Eleven and sadly he started texting recently and everybody in the -- everybody's -- right. And -- what -- Find disturbing is the idea that you can filter on the Internet like he can go to any web site at but he intact to you -- and so. You know it sort of reinforces like as a parent you can read -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Get a lot of hot water because of contraception a lot of we don't believe in abortion and contraception they don't want. Parent aren't talking. I just want to advocate -- But we are gonna clearly continued chatting with the you -- next time on.

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{"id":15341326,"title":"Hot Topics on 'Moms Get Real'","duration":"5:15","description":"Moms on everything from the racy yearbook photo to Sesame Street breast-feeding.","url":"/US/video/hot-topics-moms-real-15341326","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}