Shopping? Hottest Toys of 2011

Kids are surveyed about the most popular toys for this holiday season.
1:27 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Shopping? Hottest Toys of 2011
Parents take a good look at this. Connect four launchers on the list of top -- kid who really want according to the experts the fifth graders over at Longfellow elementary school. Got a lot of Boys and Girls -- girls like complain because my little -- not -- at a time does it connect fled need to get our senate labor are afraid. But don't just take Roger markers -- -- these kids surveyed the entire school including the preschool. Find out what toys -- the hottest this holiday season they discovered marketing works wonders for a wish list. I guess commercials really helped because it gets kids like my son watched TV usually and -- don't walk into an assortment. The story. Usually -- to see on TV -- -- time. Due to connect those lovable motorized hamsters shared the top spot in the Longfellow survey with perennial favorite -- -- And -- on a budget don't worry the kids -- toys that were mostly under 25 dollars some people are really him that job situations. -- -- -- -- -- -- For older boys this razor graffiti scooter placed fifth -- the top toilets for girls moxie girl's dolls placed seventh. Researchers asked each class what they like -- bat -- the problems with the younger kids including one particular first greater. He said I'm beginning keep these strict Christmas for free. And you know I said. I I had -- --

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{"id":15016838,"title":"Shopping? Hottest Toys of 2011","duration":"1:27","description":"Kids are surveyed about the most popular toys for this holiday season.","url":"/US/video/hottest-toys-of-2011-15016838","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}