House GOP votes Cheney out

Republicans oust Rep. Liz Cheney from House leadership.
14:02 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for House GOP votes Cheney out
We have some breaking news represented Liz Cheney of the Republican Party has been removed. From her leadership post there was a closed door vote this morning it didn't last very long wood for Republicans did. What we expected and went ahead and removes Cheney from her post now the question will be. Who replaces her after word Cheney told reporters that she did not feel betrayed by the vote and that she will keep fighting to prevent former president trump. From ever making his way back into the Oval Office Cheney was removed after criticizing not only president trump. But any Republican in any person really who's been spreading false accusations that B 20/20 election was stolen. Her party has decided now to remove her and it. We're gonna go to Avery harper political director to talk a little bit about. What this means for the Republican Party Avery no surprise here rather than maybe the speed with which. This boat went down but. But what does this mean now going forward not only for Cheney but also for the party and for congress in general. Right and we've we've now I've seen K rather unsurprisingly that they're listening he has been ousted from her role as a Republican conference chair in the house and it and this is sending a message that he had fewer and with with. You know former president Donald trumping we're not. With this this Republican Party and and sold what we are. Likely to see is a trump one LSI B. Are replaced are you listening to replacements that's from loyalists who we know read our congressman at least a bombing case is one of the people being considered are to take her place UC would be replacing the only woman that was in your house Republican leadership. I bet there are concerns that she is not. Conservative not enough say to handle the role here seemingly in what really matters is the fact that she is allying with tribes he has the endorsement of trumpet so we're going to see. I just as part of continued to align itself. All of the former president despite the fact that he is out of office sitting in I didn't wanna shares a little bit of what I Cheney said before the vote I bet that ships around her her title she said we cannot let the the former president track us backwards to make us complicit in his efforts to unravel our democracy she is. I continuously framed presidential Agassi eighteens are not only to the Republican Party I went to democracy itself and so a light blue back Cheney has said act. Afternoon she's going to continue to make her voice heard on the topic she does not believe that our president trump former presidential should happen anyplace in the public Republican Party I'll let alone on his way back into the Oval Office. Jane it clearly does not have the support of her party based on the vote today but she does have some supporters. Within the party in after the vote we heard from representative Adam can zinger bit on what he makes of all of this hour of play that sound for you. Mom look I just wanna say that I'm fully supportive of lands. What happened today was saddened. Liz says committed the only sin of being consistent. Then telling the truth the truth is that the election was not stolen. Or 74 million voters were not disenfranchise they were just outnumbered. And it's important for our party to take inventory of that you go out and win the next election. Instead of continuing the big lines sound. Look I stand with Liz I'm proud of firm there's a lot of people that are proud of her for what she's done. A lot of people feel threatened by Aaron that's their decision but going for any she's going to be a great leader for this country in this party content. His supporters who keep. I think general let me and undone by voice vote the end the ironic thing was it was to show unity sound. At that point it's not even worth the fight you walk out you saying all right you know leaders made his decision that's fine Angel. We'll have to hold the whatever that is yeah he's currently there was no speeches really it was just Kevin stand and I happen. And then the the vote was taken so most definitely not what I expected but. Rob base it's time to move on from her he said you know we have to be unified and continue with the soul unity theme. The end look I'm all for unity. I'm all for unity in truth you know the truth cannot coexist what lies truth cannot coexist with falsehoods you cannot unify what that. And I think that's a list has been saying so thank you everybody at triads. It was a sad day when. I look I in terms of anybody on Florida I'll take that decision I think anybody that was sniffing around for this job before Liz was out obviously that's not a great thing. I think for me I'll vote for somebody it's gonna tell a trip to the voters because is leaders. Your job as a just to make it comfortable for the rank and file members your job is to tell people the truth and by the way. To our base voters who believe the election was stolen honestly I don't blame them. Because their leader's. Exact same thing that's why it's important for people to tell the truth thanks guys figure. As a Republican congressman Adam kinsey are coming to Elizabeth Cheney's offense and defense here are saying truth cannot coexist with lies you can't unify behind not an he's now advocating that whoever replaces Cheney be someone. That he says will tell the truth he of course is referring. To the lies that Cheney criticized part of the reason she was removed criticizing lies about the 20/20 election and the idea that it was stolen. I wanna go to Denver Adelman a former congressman Republican from Virginia and Denver you put yourself if I may say so and you can crack if I'm wrong in this category Republicans. Who support the party and then the premise is that Republicans stand for but don't support. Former president trump and particularly the claims that he made about the election so what happens to Republicans. Well like you like Liz Cheney like Adam can singer. Well it's the beginning of really a long political war between facts and lies and I don't when you're listening to Adam there at the end and then again thanks rat and me on he says something about not blaming the electorate from believing the big lie. But the issue is that most of the electorate here Belize and stop the steel is a deep state conspiracy theory that's true test against him specifically. And the leaders have been able in the GOP many of those leaders have been able to mobilize a significant portion of the Republican base to believe in and that's what Adam was saying is said. It's very differ call to unify. Behind something that's so egregiously untrue and false it is very difficult to identify as Republican in this party. When it's about loyalty to one individual and and and it you know a lot of people trying to break just out politically I've been there. I know why McCarthy called such a quick vote that's because he didn't want any quotes coming out in the press during that conference meeting that is likely get a the reason they went Boyce was to protect the members so. That's what McCarthy did and politically that's what they expected their electorate believes that debt that the lies true. And that's what should terrify people. Is that the continuing push for disinformation is increasing not decreasing we saw in Virginia yesterday when a gubernatorial candidate that ran on election integrity. Which is just cover for stopped to steal one. We're seeing it all over Republican base voters and and again that's why I think what Adam said the and is very true but again. You know Liz did what what took you know incredible amount of dust chase intestinal fortitude to stand in front of your peers and say you guys. Are absolutely wrong and integrity has to win. Over lies and long teal one human being in this cult of personality. That's completely metastasized throughout the Republican Party so. I get I've seen in the data you know Diane army chief strategist for the networking Qaeda research institute. This is not going away and what you just saw today was a messaging for the 222 campaign. Which is election integrity and trump loyalty. That is it if you had those two things you're going to do very well some of these Republican primaries. Now Avery. Cheney has been down this road before just a few months ago a similar row is held but with a different outcome at that time. She had the support of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in and we heard contenders say. This time around there were no speeches there is no nothing essentially McCarthy got up there and said well we've heard him say publicly which is. It's time to move on from Cheney because she's not. Unifying the party by criticizing. Fellow colleagues and by criticizing president trump I'm so what does that say why he did she lose. McCarthy support and why is this message of unity now so prevalent in the Republican Party as they face a divide. We're you know like I believe that after. Terror of the events of January 6 in runs eighty. Become unified for the sake of the country we had gone through something dramatic to see he capital be attacked in the way that it wasn't so. Listening was extended grace you have to remember it even turn McCarthy came out and and blame the president four for his part in stoking the what became the violence that happened on Capitol Hill but now months removed from that attack. Eight Liz Cheney continues to speak about it we're other members of Republican leadership have moved on. I see continues to say that at the lives of the president's friends about how the outcome of the Tony Tony election calling that in fact that election fraudulent. That that is dangerous side to the Republican Party into democracy itself and so I see is someone who is like to speak her mind. I see made it clear even in this beach right before it's a fact vote and so is the message is clear is it to Cheney and other members who we dare speak out against. Against former presidents from that if you are not. Alliance with Tom you are not a loyalist it's something he did it might not be a place for you in this party. And so in Denver what do you make of this message from McCarthy could Bennett fit. The party for them to present this unified front even if it is a unified front that's essentially behind ally. I think in the short term it is a pretty powerful message if you take a any moral judgments out of that are integrity. Politically. It's a calculation based on polling and fund raising so this is will work in the short term going into the 20/20 mid terms and I know. In other some people say dirty could backfire there could be a boomerang effect I get all that I understand that but I'm here on the ground. I was just in congress on January 3 I sort have a mean I guess my finger on the pulse of what's going on anecdotally but people in my district here Virginia sent district. And the issues this is they still believe the election was stolen that is just Big Ten. You don't even need president trump any more. They party identified an enemy is and that's indeed state it's a new emergence of the new world order. So this unity message from Kevin McCarthy is going to be very powerful grass true Republicans especially those in these committees around the country that been pushing this in. And I call a little solid answers there's a theory alerted the University of Virginia and then when I deployed to Eastern Europe in the military and they might even be worsened trauma and that they had. To perpetuate this. To keep their committee leadership but also to make sure that people rallied behind them rally behind the president and the candidates is they choose to keep their power base so I think in the short term it's gonna work out really well. But I think in the long term gonna see this slow dissolution and you see people like me and Liz and Adam. We're gonna start certain to hit the flanks of this ridiculous moment. A stop to see on election integrity. And this sort of singular focus of president trump and I think you gonna see a little bit of chaos. As a flying start to collapse on the big lie the next two to three years but I think up until 222. I do believe based on redistricting based on the election integrity message in the massive grassroots fundraising often people like Liz Cheney which is very sad. I think for 20/20 two did you he's looking good and I think McCarthy's message Indian and he's gonna resonate with the base. And I want to bring in our senior national correspondent Terry Moran on this as well because it Terry. We also heard from senator Mitt Romney has been an outspoken critic of president trump for some time despite being a Republican he endorsed Joseph Biden. And he's looking at this from a strategy standpoint and and saying on Twitter that. Republicans are gonna gain any voters with this move but they may lose quite a few what do you make of that. Well they'll lose some voters is no question that drug Mitt Romney is right about that but not many. We talk about a civil war in the Republican Party what's happening today demonstrates that one side has one. And it is it is this side that supports president trumpet at all costs even as Liz Cheney said. In her speech last night today at the cost. Of telling a lie to the American people and of attacking our democracy those were her words they've decided. There what Donald Trump is doing in the vast majority of them they can do arithmetic they know what happened last November they do understand that the courts in the states and all kinds of local and state officials and the department of justice and others. Affirm the truth that Joseph Biden won the election fair and square but they are willing to remain silent. And go along with it. Because the base is with trump so there is no civil war in the Republican Party I respect Denver rivermen and and Liz Cheney and others who are trying. To revive a party that has embraced this kind of you liberal nationalism. Authoritarianism. And even look they cheated to a voice vote. They made it impossible to vote your conscience and a secret ballot in that room. What does that sound like I think what we're looking at as a Republican Party that has set off in particular direction. What Liz Cheney in Denver and Mitt Romney and others are trying to do is raise them. Price raise the cost. Of doing business that way to individual what members the cost to their conscience. The cost to their reputation. Among friends and family to under the and the cost in the history. She said to make of that history brought us here. You're choosing certain path. I have my response to be depends on who writes that history Benton who wins in the long run. But she is definitely. Going down embracing this martyrdom in a way that she hopes. We'll lay down a marker for a movement that right now is a splinter movement in the republic. Can park and I Terry Moran Avery harbored gender Edelman thank you all.

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