Housing recovery efforts underway in Houston

Homeowners in Texas are cleaning out their formerly flooded homes
7:16 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Housing recovery efforts underway in Houston
Victor okay no here in Houston Texas we are in Ireland neighborhood what are the areas that was hardest hit very close the Braves by you which totally overflowed. We're seeing here now a lot of people return to their homes some for the first time. And they're beginning the cleanup process and it is so difficult when you see in this neighborhood right now a lot of just. Piles of debris sort of stack up right outside of their homes we'll start right across the street. Look at all of that drywall that's already been removed also got some other perjured that's out there are some book cases. And that's what you see almost at every single home here take a look right outside the home that we're setting for a few got some kind of suitcase here back to trash. This tables over here. Feds you name it you can call it to breathe but would you here. People plot that that's what the situation is here so hard hit some neighbors here at about forty inches of water stacked up inside their homes. The homeowner you've had a chance talks are to Richie got a second for us. This is rich. What's he returned your house. Few days ago so today's. Thursday what's the cleanup process that would. Wet. It's wet. You know we've gotten more experience than most movies have been and restoration and an emergency service work for twelve years. So would our company after building and design we're used to going into people's homes and in dealing with this and we've always said. In empathy for it. It's little different when you step in your own place and threw things yes or in this case it's a weird situation here year pure victim here. But also an expert who has been through this a number of times rebuilding people's lives back up her. It's it's difficult. To separate when you're involved in it and you know for years I've had people literally crying on my shoulder after tornadoes and hurricanes thinking it'll never be the same. And you. You you put your arm around me to look I can rebuild everything in your still alive. And that's it the rest of this is just stuff. And you know we were very fortunate there wasn't a lot of loss of life although there was some which is always the biggest. Difficulty in these things. When everything else can be rebuilt and the sun's gonna shine again. What about some advice for people who might not have the knowledge and expertise the coming right and I'm talking about the little stuff going back element Nick Swisher. You're taking the smallest precautions that say it's sort clear all this you know. Debris. The first thing obviously is the proper safety gear you won't gloves you want respirator mask of dust mask or something because all of the bacteria the sewage the chemicals the fertilizers are all in that water floating. So as that drives that becomes just as you walk it becomes airborne so you wanna not read that you if you'll want that ambulance. Secondly. First step is get the water. Anything weigh in eating that was touched by water. Before you take out your furniture for insurance for. Since document big pictures small pictures whites deals you know close ups model numbers television model numbers. Appliance model numbers before it goes to the curb you need to know you've documented it. So that for later use you can hand it to your insurance adjusters and say this is what we this went into place. From that point you're getting wet stuff out. Once that's out if you have access to be able to have a drying companies come in then you have the drying company command. If not you want the windows open when air circulating you wanna allow that. Stuff to. To drop. Once that's done it becomes quaint you want to clean and disinfect there are professional companies that will come in clean and disinfect. Make sure that everything is ready to build back. Then it becomes construction. Bottom line it's a long process and you got a patient I the first thing I tell everybody once we get through the initial process is this a marathon not a sprint. You're not going to be back in two weeks most people are to be back in two months my neighbor flooded last April in the tax they fled they were moving in. When this happens Jim. Notice we'll hear what what it looks like there right now. How many and he kind of see it before going there is this how high the water was outside this line what with his line to if you actually look over here there's a polar line. Among windows what happens when the water rose stopped stagnated. And then dropped. What about inside. Well. More fees if we're Moody's. What you can see the waterlogged. Raise your load there's attitudes and meet consumer needs. That's bubbling tendered were minor there you can cook ground but still. Falls. Unbelievable here Tucker playful grin. Yeah. Yeah definitely. You all out. Sentence. Home. Florian these words only treatment program was efficiently. Well. Off walls I don't know if it didn't see this but. That's totally separated. The water level. You wrote yeah. So you know. Again who worked. Let me history here came up about two feet so we stack our cheers and some of the tables we couldn't get into the second story. On top of this for me to no avail because it got to here sort. The sport house. This whole neighborhood it seems that it acted like us to guess how many houses just right here later neighbors think I I would say it's in the thousands but. You know it's not just this neighborhood it's not just Houston it's not just Harris County all of the surrounding counties. There's flooding in every county on every tributary every river. I had to drive on Tuesday north of Houston. In the peace river basin was just overflowing there were grocery store shopping centers. Hotels on 45 restaurants it's the flooding is incredible I mean. In the twelve years I've been in the business and all of the work that we've done I have absolutely never seen something as wide ranging. You know I was I was in New Orleans after Katrina I was in. New Jersey all over the state needs Eritrea and say. And I knew he. Oh. Well this war. Here if it means that the amount. It's really good. Hope for a greater. Movement that was she the best of luck and thank you for takes thank you talk to us. Let's look that and start looking gets hurt your. Again just once or hear thousands thousands of homes in the area and if you were the exact same thing. So many neighbors returning to their homes. As Houston starts to get back to some sense of normalcy. We've been driving around the area the past couple days and now supermarkets assortment sorting opened back up restaurants are starting to open back up. You see traffic certain of built back up. It's going to take some time. You see it he just said the best. Patients. Big stroke endo ABC news it's.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Homeowners in Texas are cleaning out their formerly flooded homes","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49547140","title":"Housing recovery efforts underway in Houston","url":"/US/video/housing-recovery-efforts-underway-houston-49547140"}