Hunger affecting military families

Why military spouses are being hit particularly hard during the pandemic and struggling to feed their families.
3:59 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Hunger affecting military families
Sacrifice for our country and put their lives on the line for our freedom but now many military families are struggling just to put food on the table. We took a closer look at some of the unique challenges they face in this pandemic and at least one organization fighting to help them. Rachel sub I was picking up groceries from Fort Bragg armed services YMCA. It's a trip she makes every month since falling on hard times during the pandemic I lost my job in July due to events jobless says she's not normally one to ask for help but this is the only way to have enough food for herself her husband a soldier in the 82 airborne division and the baby they're expecting on Christmas. I've always banging someone who's paid for everything myself. And my way through roofs school law. Paved by owns two loans let's I have a ton of so that's also where all my unemployment goes to senate really is just truly one income trusts. Give ourselves is lost. Second from her clothes and actually cause results. Don't announce a shrewd whereas where there were jobs. Vice admiral bill French president of the armed services YMCA says of all the groups they track military spouses showed the highest unemployment rate in the country. At roughly 25%. And that was before the pandemic. The challenges of being in a Military Channel are different every two years we asked them damn they have to set up. A new house and a new environment and allows us ago looks were job. The frequent job changes make it hard to gain seniority so when hard times hit. Military spouses are often the first ones fired some are unable to do their job at. All they might work get educated get licenses do every may need in order to be certified to do a job. And then they have to move to a different state where those certifications are no longer valid. It's O while they face a long list of unique challenges military families often don't qualify for the same food benefits a civilian family would. He's young Shannon Stewart a site and swore thousand. In the past site and what's not considered part of their income. And now it is and with excitement or housing. Some cases. Those young families are not old war some of the things like winched. Women emergency child. Programs now. Jobs or our jobs is to pass. Notable reliable quality child. That's really what spend most of our time on. Colonel Scott Penn says there are also resource is available at army community services. To help offset those challenges. Financial planning. Interview prep even provide. That suits and and M and dresses for people to go and interviews with. Still be armed services YMCA at Fort Bragg reports from march to may families needing food jumped 40%. French says help is crucial not just for these families but for the country. Members. Are certainly. Boisterous and I'm not in order for them yes. Or are ready and he were to be a circus. They need to be convinced that they're sandwich in Europe and the military is leaders are very focused I'm sure your broker or. Rachel says so is she I think more families into Joseph comfortable enough. To come forward and say I do need help. And French says that there is an effort under way at the Department of Defense to get things like really stayed in teacher's license is recognized across state lines. He says he hopes to see federal nutrition assistance programs made available to more military families. As well on a big thanks to macular Davis at WT VD and rally for her house. On that piece.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Why military spouses are being hit particularly hard during the pandemic and struggling to feed their families.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74887715","title":"Hunger affecting military families","url":"/US/video/hunger-affecting-military-families-74887715"}