Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 2

ABC News' Matt Gutman is in Corpus Christi, Texas, with an update on the hurricane nearing landfall in Texas that now has winds of about 110 miles per hour.
5:02 | 08/25/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 2
Hey folks I'm not gotten in with ABC news I'm in Corpus Christi, Texas nowadays. Is looking like it is going to be the city almost right in the bulls die of heart can hardly it is strengthening. As we speak. From category tier to a category three or ready packing a 110 mile per hour winds and consumer understanding were readying lashed by wind and some rain we've had some heavy bands that means. And this is low tide here in the name Corpus Christi and you can see. The water from the bay already lapping way over the seawall smashing up against it is gonna get. Much much higher in the coming hours now. Folks here. Now understand that there is a sense of urgency in the past 24 hours the store basically went from being a tropical depression or tropical storm to a hurricane. With. One category now. A hurricane. Pretty significant force 110 mile per towel wave at you. So very significant urgency in this now they're being Traficant. Up and down coastal Texas people trying to get inlet is bars they can the problem with this storm. Is that. It's a massive rain makers wealthy part of this in between there and try to escape the rain but the good have to go really far for that because. Meteorologists are predicting up to three feet of rain in isolated areas two feet of rain in major metropolis is San Antonio. Houston Austin. Major cities getting it absolutely swamped in this event. Could last for days and days now. Right now. You can see this water keeps mounting in building out right now the forecast is for the hurricane to make landfall sometime. This evening 7:8 o'clock tonight local time but it is got a homer. Around this part of taxes for possibly days essentially making a U turn. Over how and corporate great data going back out about fifteen miles north of here Summers up a place called Portland bock out. Pat has just been re absolutely have a series tremendous. Concern you know we spoke with the mayor of Corpus Christi yesterday he has an and unfortunately. Very well acquainted wave. What water it can view he lost his daughter in law and grandchildren in the rhythmic. Flash flooding through years ago near San Antonio. He's telling citizens in this town get out of dodge get out now go with far away as he possibly can now. There are mandatory evacuations in multiple places in Texas. Workers per things not one of them they don't like to issue multiple back. Mandatory evacuation but what they're telling folks is that. You're on your own once this storm comes in. You're not gonna get help from rescuers because they're going to be busy doing their job they're not going to be forcefully evacuating people from their homes. They're going to be simply too busy. Now Corpus Christi looked like it might have dodged the bullet that doesn't look like it's happening anymore you know we've been talking about storms are. Meteorologists are predicting twelve feet now initially it was supposed to be four to six feet I want to give you an example of what. It looks like. This is. Four feet of storm surge this sea wall was built after the 1971. Ceglia harking which absolutely devastated this down. That it made it quite a bit higher this is six feet. But in this or if they're talking about twelve. For the word search is possibly work the tightest hide it very well maybe and that is all the way up here now on top of that. We're talking about twenty foot waves. Be washing well over into this street cold ocean drive and it's gonna look. Like an ocean and possibly 24 hours absolutely swamping this part of coastal. Corpus Christi now. The issue is that after here this is what a higher parts of it's all downhill for that water is get a pool. Creating significant. Damage significant flooding. Now the reason people say it and authorities here are warning that this could be. A terrible event that could make this part of Texas and north of here uninhabitable for weeks is all that water. All it storm damage and cut power could cut water it could be weeks before that stuff comes back on line. And nowhere to be living in south Texas without electricity or water in August it is brutally hot here. One thing that we're ready feeling exchanging it has the temperature because of this storm Harvey is bring significantly cooled winning you can feel it already. Sell. You know this storm is coming it is coming hard officials here are saying. Get out of its way as much as you can we're going to be going live on ABC. On world news are going to be on Nightline could be on digital. With this all day long and through the weekend we hope you tune in again my name is backed up and I'm Corpus Christi, Texas. See you soon.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman is in Corpus Christi, Texas, with an update on the hurricane nearing landfall in Texas that now has winds of about 110 miles per hour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49417531","title":"Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 2","url":"/US/video/hurricane-harvey-strengthens-category-49417531"}