Hurricane Isaias approaches the East Coast

After bringing flash floods and destruction to the Caribbean, East Coast states brace for Hurricane Isaias.
3:55 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Hurricane Isaias approaches the East Coast
Former tropical storm is say is is now a category one hurricane the storm all has already brought flash flooding and mudslides to Puerto Rico now the East Coast is bracing from Florida to Maine. ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking it all fours from Miami good morning rob. Hi good morning Diane ness a forecast has got more ominous. In our furry after doing some serious damage to Puerto Rico want to get to those images right now because that's dramatic stuff that happened that the last two days. Intense amount of rain on the western part of the island with a net a kids being carried out by soldiers out of those floodwaters. And flash flooding and mudslides to somebody's more hilly towns. Are really doing some some minor damage there are so tough go for Puerto Rico no doubt about that. The Dominican Republic as well. And now it's it's ramping up into formidable hurricane with tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings out for much of the Bahamas and Turks and caicos which get a today. Lot of warm water here not a whole lot of land so we expected to become us. A category two hurricane tonight into tomorrow morning getting abreast of Miami then west palm Melbourne. Tomorrow night into Sunday. And getting close to Charleston of the Carolinas Monday Tuesday and Tuesday nights even making a run at the north state show. There is not a whole lot of confidence still with his forecasts are that Collins what you have to focus on meaning that the entire East Coast. Is going to be under the gun here for potential impacts storm surge one to five feet was this winds fifty to eighty plus mile per hour. And four to eight inches of rainfall not just the Bahamas but I think got along the coast of Florida. And Georgia and even the Carolinas with damaging winds and dangerous surf rip currents of course it those youth who dare go in the water so. High impact event coming here as we are already on the ninth name storm of this season Diane. And rob Puerto Rico and the Caribbean are still rebuilding from hurricane Maria plus and Puerto Rico they've been dealing with the pandemic and earthquakes. So how worried should we be about this new hurricane season for them. Well we saw what already what's what this hurricane did sit Puerto Rico and they were to two rout. And they got all the strain in a hurry and mats and flash flooding that happens alien and when that happens we had hundreds of thousand people without power that the infrastructure still fragile. After her team Maria and running water we had over on a dozen people without running water at one days and at one point and and then dory McCain threw. The Bahamas last year. Parts of the northern bombers not even close to being rebuilt and they're getting impacts now. From the storm so you know rebuilding a slow on the mainland's even slower as you can imagine and some of these island communities so. It's it doesn't bode well for this jackets or can. Unravel as he touched on it's been an active and early hurricane season is that an indication of what's to come from the rest of the season. You know it and we had. Our first named storm before hurricane season even started. And that's not typically it you know. Something that for bodes bad things to come but this year that's certainly been the case we have all the parameters that are come together. Two to produce an active hurricane seasonal or on our ninth storm. He ice storm that's your earliest we've got to be ice storm on record and we are still six weeks away. From the peak of hurricane season and just look at that map we've got to other systems that are coming off. The African currency would call this cave very season which of these islands just off the coast and he's disturbances come off and they make their way typically all the way across the Atlantic so. It's getting to be an active time to peak though as I mentioned is not until really the first and second week of September that's really starts he things ramp up. And water temperatures are above average up and down the East Coast. That's not a good thing so we're more than just a little bit concerned about this hurricane season amidst the cove it pandemic. Not a good combination but prepare for the worst and hope for the best right. So it can do government. And rabbi know you'll be trying to get all forest here to help us out so thanks for that and stay safe front.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"After bringing flash floods and destruction to the Caribbean, East Coast states brace for Hurricane Isaias.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72103703","title":"Hurricane Isaias approaches the East Coast","url":"/US/video/hurricane-isaias-approaches-east-coast-72103703"}