Hurricane Michael nears landfall with 150mph winds

The Category 4 storm is expected to hit the Florida Panhandle with a life-threatening storm surge of up to 13 feet.
20:20 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael nears landfall with 150mph winds
We are continuing to keep a close eye on hurricane Michael right now Georgia governor Nathan Deal. Is speaking and we want to listen in on the governor. Emergency has been expanded now to include 100 and I can own needs and additions fifteen local families have declared disasters on their own. Were at a full scale lot of activation here in the state level. And state personnel dedicated to the response of the storm currently stands at about point 300 people. In addition to about 15100 national Guardsmen. Our Department of Transportation alone has 14100 people a son and pre positioned to respond. Department of natural resources has. Search and rescue and debris removal teams and play this state throw has 750. Troopers stand by ready to deploy. Department of corrections has 83 debris removal teams positioned. Georgia forestry commission has to insane so teams really. We have our air operations division. And operational wit non helicopters. Dedicated to this operation. We currently have two shelters open in the state. He won in Muskogee county Columbus and one and it can only imagine. Additionally there are furry animal shelters that are open one in Henry county won he's counting one and it came down. Children's governor Nathan Deal is Georgia issuing a warning to the people of this Davone allowing them to know where they can seek shelter from hurricane Michael currently a category four. It could make history as a storm makes landfall now Griffin is in our weather center with a look at the latest forecast. Another factor the governor speaking it's good to remind people it's not just Florida. That's in the target zone here. They and that's so important because this hurricane is going to slice of right you're Perth the southeast including states like Alabama. Georgia and the Carolina that just got sucked hard hit by warrants but I have a very important update adds immune from the hurricane Fenner. And we have been speak now up to a 108. Seat miles per hour. Still this hurricane Michael is continuing to strengthen right up until landfall landfall is in in just the next couple of hours. I wanted you write a satellite you can see it it's Saul. Sold massive here taking up parts of the entire Florida Panhandle into the southeast. A category four I think that a 150 mile per hour winds there is nothing that is capped at this storm from strengthening all the way up to lamp while we have the warm water in the gulf. We had very little wind sheer so really nothing in its way to continue to strengthen. Right up until it makes landfall this afternoon. Actually the lowest pressure since Katrina manhunt. Lowest since Katrina so a very strong a very powerful possibly catastrophic storm here. Category four at landfall expected it could strain than potentially farther over the next two to three hours. Before landfall then it's still a category two hurricane as it enters into Georgia it's going to slice across Georgia overnight and it's in the Carolinas tropical storm. I Thursday tornado watch remains a fact but I have to talk about Panama City because they are under a high wind warning the National Weather Service is warning that shelter in place if your in Panama City should treat us like tornado conditions. That it's extreme winds over a hundred even over a 130 miles per hour Scots are possible. We already have got the Fannie six miles prowler Apalachicola with over five is storm surge there reported so conditions are rapidly deteriorating now is a time where we expect catastrophic possibly damaged. And storm surge hurricane warnings now extend further into parts of Georgia including Albany there as well Tallahassee can a city. You're all in the air and the conditions and that deterioration of the storm is happening. Right now Philip take a look at the storm surge up and fourteen feet possible for parts of the Florida Panhandle the Big Ben region are ready seeing over I eat in Apalachicola and that's just going to continue. As hurricane Michael does make landfall and here's your rain forecast flash flooding possible from the Florida Panhandle. All the way up to Virginia could see at six feet ten inches. Of rain life threatening flooding possible here at hurricane Michaels places across the south east. So this is going to be a devastating storm. Up hotly catastrophic wind damage life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds are happening right now. And they're going to continue for the next several hours and expecting landfall sometime between 130 and 330 between Panama City and feet and could be in the board can't. And now Griffin from the weather center I wish you had better news forest now though we're glad you're keeping us updated thank you. And you heard now talking about fourteen feet of potential storm surge there in the Florida Panhandle. In lit beach now has some police patrolling the area we have some access to video there of what the roads. Are looking like in the area the governor of Florida has come out and told people if you have not evacuated already. The time to do that is over so now people are being advised to hunker down and rob Marciano is in the area he's in Panama City rob there's an extreme wind warning. In effect now and we're hearing gusts of to a 150 miles per hour and this storm is still. Strengthening. Chances Pulitzer to stop strength. All weekend. Are. I'm really don't know and they know the the member. And east northeasterly because now. The center of the storm itself is to sell the best of action. The animosity which. As part of the the storm surge is concerned but. Extremely. It's safe structure. You looked up. Like force of 110. Miles. Now we will. It's a substantial structure so this coastline. The next couple hours. And rabbits not that far you know really is just a couple of hours where the storms expected to make landfall. How do you expect to see things develop in that time. More sir. God forbid here is. Each where were ginger is port St. Joe Apalachicola. I know beyond. Right side beside a storm but this is a pretty symmetrical storm. Hours so that's what. This fast moving system helps us and then he. Goes got a wins. South central Georgia good. For several. Hours after landfall so. In the direction gets us through it's unfair rap and I know that for the panhandle I think they've never seen a storm this strong. Does it seem like most people heeded those of adulation warnings. Folks in this out they. And it hasn't been. Pages. In its sixth day. Or so people. There's goes away. Residents. He got out so about. This road had. On this incredible it. A building that. In the storm. But the folks who have loved low bless you build structures. Are struggle. All right here's hoping these days savior something you stay safe are Marciano from Panama City, Florida thanks rob. And I wanna get right averted Kent Graham the director of the National Hurricane Center can you can see the effects already taking. There and Panama City is some of these structures are not built to withstand. A storm this strong to how worried are you at this point. Well I absolutely have been thinking about the whole time and and really leading up to this talking about the of the dangers of of this hurricane I mean think about it I mean look at the latest readings 150 Mon. You know these rain bands are getting hurricane. Force wind jostle absolutely worried I mean you think about this or anywhere around this eye wall onion look at the latest readings 45 miles away from the senate were seen those hurricane force went so extremely destructive army power outages for weeks. But you know taking roofs off houses complete destruction some of these houses is an incredibly dangerous situation. There are the sort of bigger points of concerns than others what are you focusing on right now. You know a lot of its all the different facets of the impacts with these so definitely looking at the wind here so I mean you talk about the dangers of a 150 on our winds and and you mentioned that. Before been on the air here of how long we could they have hurricanes are you gonna have a catastrophic. Impacts from from the winds vital on the coast but not just the coastal thing you think about now moving. In word and in towards Georgia you talk about still be in a hurricane even at that deepened the Georgia tropical storm. Into the Carolinas so as a result. I mean you can take that rain you take all that win tickets have trees down a power right it is all the way into Georgia South Carolina so that's one of the bigger factors and it's of course the rainfall we talk about star sat for in the slow and the trees come down easier but I tell you one thing that we've been. Talking about the whole time half of fatalities Diane and these tropical systems occur in storm surge and look at these values. Nine to fourteen feet from Tyndall air force base the real ciller river and that's not including. The waves on top so that's in addition above ground with waves on top of attic credit life threatening. And the ways in that area have measured up to 31 feet at last check before the device that measures them just stops working. How do you combat that kind of water. The out right there you know you have all that water coming this is an incredible volatile part of the Gulf of Mexico a couple things happening one of this the shape of the coastline with which causes a problem look at the shape. The coastline with the water just gets slapped in the areas the other problem that we have. Extremely shallow part of the gulf if you look about the golf doesn't it deep into you get beyond that lines of anywhere in here is pretty shallow just piles of the water it goes inland and we've talked about it not this be in the coastal thing. Look at these barrier island just get completely inundated with this storm surge the look how far that read there is greater than nine foot. But in addition above ground it goes far inland all these rivers start filling up and it is Sicily rivers will flow backward business won't hurt comes them. And we are grab saying you know the fact that this storm is moving quickly. May be good news for the shorelines because it's not gonna hover for so long and bring water for a long period of time in those winds. But that also means areas inland are now going to be hit with stronger winds than they would if this win the storm was moving more slowly. Yeah you know you talk and a lot of people that are inland thinking that they. You know they might be safe and it's a case were not only with the water how far inland could be twenty miles inland along these rivers and still see storm surge but you're right with. That's a good point to Jamaica's of the fast movement what you do is you have a strong winds further inland so places and you know Georgia and extreme southeast Alabama because he hurricane force winds are really trying to get the word out to people well inland that think the brocade because they're not near the coast that is not true because still have power outages trees down torrential flooding reigns as well. Can any Edward advice for people who failed to evacuate NN now stuck in the storm zone. The you know that there's a couple different things here so it's about to protect yourself from the water in the wins so. If that fact now that is it's too late to get out too dangerous to get out so we have to talk about. If you can get through it let's talk about the after effects weeks without power and in its its that we called the of the indirect fatalities after of these hurricanes. You're talking about power lines been talking about branches where you can get hurt. People trying to use chain saws for the first time generators keep them outside in a run of these are all the factors we call in direct fatalities but they're just a serious afterwards people going to be dealing with this for for weeks after and we need to keep them safe. All right Ken Graham from the National Hurricane Center can we always appreciate. Talking to you thanks for taking the time. And we heard a can talking about the need. To evacuate we're rob Marciano saying most tourists in the Panama City area did get out but there are lots of residents who did not Julie Gordon. Is on the phone with us she is one of the people who did not to lose a Panama beach film commissioner Randy and Julie Anderson you live on the beach. And you're planning to ride this thing out why. Yes I am writing it out as we speak I have been here since 1974. And I have written out several I only left evacuate on the very first one which was elderly expecting 75. And from my experience. It was more horrific being stuck on the interstate and backed out of town are not being able to come back to my own things. This however is a different piece. So this is one of those stacked. Has it been taken very very seriously and most people have evacuated which is a very good saying. Because my position. I am here for emergency services and things like debt that. I felt it was more important state here and be here. To help with the cruise in top of the broadcast and things like that and but right now we are just getting into the meat of this dorm. With major wins etc. Julie what are you doing to prepare and to try to stay safe as a storm comes in. Well I have a small compound which consists of several manufactured homes AKA trailers mobile homes. And they have boarded up all the windows they have added extra straps to tie them down. Things like that I happen to be in what you don't see which is one of the higher areas of the beach that is always also mandatory evacuation. I just did not feel that I could evacuate and continue doing my job so I have stayed where I am. And just hoping for the best I'm good to my karma Arab revenue at this point not karma will be good TV he's taking care of in this or so we ragged out my Mohamad K. And I we are crossing her fingers Gloria and hoping that all that karma pays I'm sure you have a lot of good coming to June but. How do you feel no weighing. This the strength of this storm right now in the a category four this is something that area has never seen before. Right this is a shock waking up knowing there is a forward thinking it was too. It was a very different story. Waking up knowing it was before it was one of the dvds favorites. Wrap well and not that kind you'd like to go anywhere because I have obligations of things to do and just because of where. My house happens to lie on the island which is on the eastern end. And Panama City Beach is an entire island we are connected by three bridges all three bridges are closed at this point there is no leaving. But he we are at a point where fifteen foot surge. Would take us under if we had a Katrina we would be gone that we are really just hoping and praying that the storm a continued to drift to the north east. Which of the Apalachicola Mexico beach area we're not quite as populated. And doubt we will not seek a higher surges here. All right Julie Gordon there from Panama BH Julie we're wishing you lots of luck in wishing you well riding out the storm thank you so much for joining us. Thank you I appreciate it thank you same and we heard Julie saying that she's got a propping the storm veers little northeast a little more toward the Apalachicola. Area. Terrelle forty is actually dare he might disagree humid that Abbott your else's things are already. Looking like they're not so great in the Apalachicola. Area Terrelle. Had things are getting bad here in Apalachicola. And they are getting bad bats take a look behind me over there. What you see on the other side of those piling this is the Apalachicola. River. Hills high winds are supposed to be where the water line stops but as you can tell the water has. Long since it spilled the debates he could also see. Those pitches where people are supposed to be sitting because this is a bench on a normal day I'm sorry a parked on a normal day that is certainly. And not the case today the water is rising and it is rising fast this streak that we are standing on. Completely covered in water when we got here about a 45 minutes or sell you could still walk about half of the street but that is certainly not the case right now but. A little more into town we got some video that we want to show you. Because it shows you just how much. Wind and how big these waves are. This is on highway 98. And Apalachicola. It is a wrote that runs very close to the water line but those wins. And those waves kicking up a very very high in fact just yesterday we were doing some live shots out pretty close to the water line we were able to. Actually walk on to appear if we wanted to. That is certainly not the case today the water it's very close to reaching. The road in the sticks basic video I understand that there is some. Flooding guide the area as well. Besides the area that we are at right now there are some places in Apalachicola. And the surrounding communities. That are now underwater because of this so a lot of these businesses that. Sit pretty close to the water they have been sandbagged they have the boards. Up on the windows things at that nature. That this next piece of video it is also weather related as well they just cut it. Paints the picture at how big this storm is and how dangerous. This storm is as well we're looking at a category four storm. And the National Weather Service. They've issued their first ever extreme we win. Warning just because the monsters of fact that this storm is supposed to take here. Along the Florida Panhandle but out here now live to these pictures again this water. Rising very very quickly here and Apalachicola. So we haven't seen many people out and about. And for good reason because emergency managers. They want people who live in this community who decided to remain to seek shelter. Although we have seen the sheriff's office they have been out and about making patrols making sure that there are no problems with the business is making sure that people obviously. Don't become stranded but a very dangerous to order the very latest. I'm too rough morning house and it back to you guys in the studio. Terrelle thank you hard to believe that the waters are already so high the storm has not made landfall. Yet that we're glad you are all staying safe for anyone in the area please do take all the proper precautions and remember we will have continuing coverage all day long on this storm.

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