Hurricane Sandy: Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Storm Efforts

Updates on high-wind warnings, water levels, storm surge impact and flooding around New York City.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy: Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Storm Efforts
On the greatest danger posed by. Sandy is the coastal storm surge it will produce. Now we've already had as much flooding for example Longley FDR which is fundamentally closed at the moment as we did in Hurricane Irene. Now we closed a road we close at one of water comes up -- -- the water recedes as for example if you go for a hike tied to a low tide period. We would reopen that but at any moment any of these roads. If it becomes unsafe. We close it and we have lots of people watching. And the flooding that could occur and -- -- later today is why we ordered our evacuation from zone a areas. And -- -- last night there was a high tide tonight there's a much bigger one tomorrow another month. Mortal levels along our coast and in our waterways have begun rising. And are expected to remain at higher than normal levels for the next 24 hours. The surge will be roughly at 8 o'clock tonight 815. Plus a minus a couple of hours but remember. If your in the South Bronx. The surge that your getting his surge that enters Long Island Sound from -- around -- -- And it takes about four hours to get down here so the surge that you would experience there is much later in the surge that -- experience of the water is coming. The East River and -- Hudson River. There has been some flooding already is in the Bowery as well as the FDR and some of the rockaway is. And we expect this surge levels of six to eleven feet. As surge of nine to ten feet is possible long Coney Island -- the rockaway is -- a surge of eleven to twelve feet may occur at the battery Monday evening. Maximum surge impact of these areas is expected to be and some periods -- plus or minus two hours around 815 -- six to 1030. The -- surge will hit areas along Long Island Sound between ten and two -- him as I said four hours later. Now we if you live on a coastline you have to add to that breaking waves. Waves of fifteen to twenty feet along the ocean -- -- line. Will result -- severe beach erosion but also it drives some water right over the roads and inland more. Because of the heavy rains. That we do expect. Which will come in later tonight after the first we'll see higher winds then we'll see the surge then we'll see more rain. Tomorrow morning we expect to be very wet. A high wind warning is now in effect. The heaviest winds will occur this afternoon this evening sustained winds of forty to 55 miles an hour with gusts of seventy to eighty. Are what's forecast at the moment. And motorists should experience extreme caution. We will monitor conditions on the bridges. Governor Cuomo has announced that at 2 PM today the Hugh -- Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on the Holland Tunnel will be closed to traffic. The Bronx River Parkway in the westbound lanes of the and got -- got a desperate ship. There will be. The it will be have been closed and more bridge and -- closings throughout the city are very positive thing NC girl's curls and have a mental -- -- bridge.

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{"id":17589934,"title":"Hurricane Sandy: Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Storm Efforts","duration":"3:00","description":"Updates on high-wind warnings, water levels, storm surge impact and flooding around New York City.","url":"/US/video/hurricane-sandy-mayor-michael-bloomberg-storm-efforts-17589934","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}