Husband arrested for murder 37 years after wife was killed with ax

Police arrested James Krauseneck for the 1982 murder of Cathleen Krauseneck in Rochester, New York.
5:38 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Husband arrested for murder 37 years after wife was killed with ax
And February 19 198205. PM Britain police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor of the defendant in this matter James cross nick junior. When officers arrived at the neighbor's house. They were ultimately led to the home of James his wife Kathleen in their daughter Sarah resided at 33 Del Rio drive. Officers or right at the house to find Kathleen deceased. She died from a single blow to her head from an ax. What followed was an extensive investigation. That led Brighton police officers. Right investigators. In Brighton chiefs of police across the United States to Mount Clemens Michigan. Fort Collins, Colorado. Lynchburg Virginia. Gig Harbor Washington. And Houston Texas. Hundreds if not thousands. Of investigative hours went into this case over the last few decades. Four years ago. Now retired chief of police Mark Anderson requested a fresh look into the investigation. Which included boxes of investigative material. In the testing of evidence in our possession. With the assistance from the FBI. The mineral county crime lab in the mineral county district attorney's office investigation led us to where we are today. I understand people want to singular piece of evidence that can directly point to. Cross nick junior. This is not one of those cases. You have to look at the totality of the circumstances. Along with all the evidence in the timeline of events. DNA. Fingerprints port of lack thereof. To speak volumes. James lived 33 Del Rio drive in one would suspect his DNA would be in his house. It is tell. No other physical evidence at the scene to include DNA points to anyone other than James cross nick junior. During this investigation we have it's consulted with doctor Michael Baden. A world renowned forensic pathologist. Who has over 45 years of experience in his field. He was a chief medical examiner for New York City. Has conducted over 20000 autopsy is and is considered an expert in his field. We believe we believe and examining the timeline of events. Speaking with witnesses. And James is timeline that he provided. Along with all other evidence will establish that James cross nick junior was home at the time the murder. James crow nick junior surrendered to authorities on Friday November 8 at the hall of justice in Rochester where is charged with murder in the second degree. I wave a grand jury indictment. He was arraigned by State Supreme Court justice Charles Xian a junior in released and 100000 dollars bail after surrendering his passport. It's crossed it junior is 67 years of age and were. I in Peoria Arizona. After the arraignment last Friday. Myself investigators Hong. Lipitor in retired chief of police Mark Anderson called members of this loss or family to announce the arrest was made. They were grateful for our efforts and planned to attend the upcoming trial next year. Let us not forget the victim. Her name was Kathleen crossed neck whose maiden name bush lobster. She was 29 years old time of her death was married to James who was thirty years old time of the commission described. They've been married since 1974. Which was approximately eight years. They shared one daughter together who is at home during the commission of the crime. The daughter Sarah was only three and A half years old. This is one of the worst outcomes of domestic violence of this agency has investigated. And this was domestic violence. In closing. I'll quote cease bring chief of police Eugene shop who stated during a February 11 1983 interview with the times union. When asked if the case will end with a successful prosecution he stated. I'm not known to be a pessimist. So optimistically. I'd say hopefully yes. And pool. Please know that the police across this region will never forget our victims. The skate to stay with us forever. We know what we are the only ones able to speak for victims. We will investigate cases like this as long as it takes in what will use all of our investigative abilities to bring justice for the victims. And their families. What I think really since this case is the fresh look when it and I can't see this amount and I'm not trying to be. Flippant about it. The investigative team that was assembled. You get Doug McCardell retired Rochester city police investigator with. Dozens of you have Stephen hunt who's been an investigator in this department fifteen years experience as a police officer mark deliberate or a wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table. The FBI in their cold case who. Started making us think can look at this case and totally different way in again as I said earlier bringing and doctor Michael bot. To confirm the timeline. I strongly believe will show and will rule. That mr. Krause and was in the home at the time of the homicide.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Police arrested James Krauseneck for the 1982 murder of Cathleen Krauseneck in Rochester, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66940564","title":"Husband arrested for murder 37 years after wife was killed with ax","url":"/US/video/husband-arrested-murder-37-years-wife-killed-ax-66940564"}