ICE detains U.S. citizen for three weeks

Dallas-born teenager Francisco Erwin Galicia was detained after being stopped at a customs checkpoint in Texas.
1:52 | 07/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ICE detains U.S. citizen for three weeks
In guys we want to a stunning story a Dallas resident and a US citizen has been and CBP an ice custody for more. Than three weeks in a Stanley fears he may be deported so for more want to bring in remain approve in our LA bureau. Remain a can you just give us an idea of what happened to him. Yet came so eighteen year old friends he's got there when Benny Sapp who was born in the US has been detained by CBP an ice for three weeks now. He was on his way to north Texas for a soccer scouting event with his seventeen year old brother marlin got east and a group of friends. When he came across a CBP checkpoint. Now marlin who was born in Mexico had his school I. ID they were both detained. Marlene recently signed a bawling voluntary deportation formed. After just two days because he wanted to speak with his mom so he's currently living with his grand minding us and Mexico. But Francisco has been in custody of US Customs and Border Protection and ice. For more than three weeks his family says he is being wrongfully detained because he is US fitted saint. His attorney Claudia and I and said she met with CBP officers last week and even presented them with his birth certificate and other documents to proving citizenship but was. Unsuccessful in getting him released it's complicated and confusing issue can't and they don't know when they're gonna get their son back so what has the government's response Ben. We reached out for comment and we haven't heard back yet. While they now he is under I aces protection so his attorneys in a reach out to that not with his birth certificate and all that documentation from. A hospital there's notes from the staff of the hospital where he was born to the mom like just a certificate thanking her for using hospitals and there's all of this evidence. And his attorneys giving that out ice hoping that they'll Villa captain back home soon. While unbelievable Amre Mena thank you so much for this story we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Dallas-born teenager Francisco Erwin Galicia was detained after being stopped at a customs checkpoint in Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64513042","title":"ICE detains U.S. citizen for three weeks","url":"/US/video/ice-detains-us-citizen-weeks-64513042"}