ICE executes largest raid of the decade in Mississippi

Dr. Jane Delgado, the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, and Pelahatchie Mayor Ryshonda Beecham react to the ICE raids that were carried out in Canton.
9:37 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for ICE executes largest raid of the decade in Mississippi
I want to bring in their doctor Jane Delgado should the president and CEO of the national alliance for Hispanic health here in Washington DC great to have you doctor also want to bring in mayor was Chanda. Harper peach am from Pella hacked she Mississippi where those ice raids overnight. I have spooked too many in the community there mayor thanks for joining us wanna get with you and second. That Dr. Lois are with you we've heard so much conversation this week on social media here in our newsroom and across the country but the impact. That this El Paso. Massacre has had on the mental health. Of Latinos so much fear right now and effective builds upon. These numbers that we've seen just in the past couple of years so many Bettina is right now not feeling. Comfortable in this country not feeling they have a place here you see the numbers have risen from 41% to they were concerned. Back two years ago now lie atop France's are much higher right now. How. People coping. I think that they thought coping as best they can but this is a very difficult time and I think it's important to realize. Not just for people who may be undocumented are Seeking Asylum but for those of us who were born here of being here for generations. We all feel very threatened right now. And the idea is what I was gonna do vetted important thing is to keep moving forward or understand that. There are bad people who do bad things out there and we have to maintain our own strength. And move in no way which is full art and respects a fact that is one of six people in the United States we have a lot to contribute to it does. It did doesn't incident might Jason El Paso which certainly has had a gut wrenching impact on people living there. And we've seen it in the pictures herded in the testimonies. But what sort of impact does it have a few if you live in or in Oregon and you're a member of the Hispanic community mean it do you see those ripple effects so far. Permanently you know we have. We have been contacting her members who are all over the country. And they've been telling telling us they all feel it did feel it sort of you know I'd one time it was thought well you know this'll just passed. But the feeling in the nation is one which is so hostile. And people are so angry. And what they're doing whatever hostility our anger they have they're directing at Hispanics. This morning you know a friend of mine who has an uncle who's an engineer. Lives in El Paso says. That when he went to get guess he was concerned he was worried he looked around to make sure that he be okay. That's no way for anywhere to live anywhere to live and that creates stress it creates. The kind of environment that we as Americans. Should not. Encourage Ellis thought the American women absolutely necessary released and that's pointed out it's not just. Undocumented people in this country it's all Hispanics although the undocumented and their families many of them which are mixed. I mixed status families has certainly been given a jolt the timing of this. The largest ice raid in a single State's history in this country took place overnight in Mississippi you wanna go bringing now mirror Chanda Beecham. Who is there impala hatch in Mississippi. Were shot I think you so much for coming in this is what's quite a raid 600. An eighty people arrested 600 agents. A lot of them men being taken from their workplace. And were seen so many children that were left behind now because their parents were simply taken away K hearing reports of kids at schools that didn't have anybody to pick them up. Is very hurt Schwarzenegger. And Matt and in some sort out. An eight. Car it's not so he had C. Come out of here that the network and a game however out of neighboring town CDs were our. And were you given any sort of a heads up mayor was there any. Sort of coordination between federal officials. State local officials in terms of news just for caring for these children that movement they must've known. I we're going to be left behind. Dare we know it in very shocking lack well at any. And no it was an alarm. And an eight K can you speak a little bit about your community there are Mississippi's many people know it is is a red state and a big picture nationally. Do people support operations like this senior community enforcement of the law or is there are real sense of shock about what check what happens. Well yes you know that's not good news the intimate matters surrounding towns and cities are we they don't look back east anybody there are eaten. Definitely was important points an alarm. There are wasted. Without. And it still means. I think you know aren't being a minister who worked these legal. And who is not according to its rating everything. Yeah and Dow lot of questions being Castronovo why this took place in the Mets are so many other priorities 600 agents used. Here wearing you hear the president talking about gangs and drug violence and and things of that nature rob we were struck by some of the sounds some of the voices of the children. Who have been speaking out today with with several of our affiliates. One to share with with our viewers an eleven year old not delaying a Gomez Gregorio and Morton. I Mississippi the town next to mirror Rashaun this town. Here's what to eleven year old month and Linda had to say about what happened to her overnight. Mets' biggest Leo not. Good better leave me you would be ready Ellis believed. David. Doctor of garment just pulls in the heart strings to see these children com what kind of impact does this have on them when you. What do you know from your practice terse account psychologist. Obviously not from either practice a professional there is a human being. This is not something we do we should be ashamed as a country. It is awful. You know it's it's shocking end to so many people mayor Beecham. He had you had to take any steps these past 24 hours to to to support those in your community were affected by this what what's the state of play today. Is being heartbreaking it stands here that's how. Yes client outlet he notes there's disturbing. In Schwarzenegger. While allegedly here he ends up club in the air Morton. That the how how do we yell at her now and CEO. And his band together. And now in its stance. Members China harper Beecham motel hatching Mississippi thank you so much man for joining us appreciate your time and. A doctor Delgado thank you so much for coming in script to see you okay how about yes as well. For a little bit more now on the raids why they happened what the administration's policy years when it comes to enforcing. Todd immigration laws here in the United States want to bring in our ever racial reporter Serena Marshall she's here. Straight you've been covering this for years. You know that during the Obama administration we saw so many raids like this at workplaces this is one of the largest of county largest. About remind people why this is happening why does ice do this. Well done in this administration particularly loves to say how tough they are on immigration the after for the timing of this for coming up on the next election cycle and the president current president has deported. Far less than his predecessor during the same position in his administration. As Obama and it was just a couple of weeks ago that the president on Twitter promised deportation raids that would sweep up millions and deport millions of individuals. That felt very short I believe the total number was 35. Million now we're seeing administer the administration take on these mass raids like this sweeping up. Hundreds. And these rays in order to allow them to say. We are being tough on immigration and it was just a couple of weeks ago DeVon that the administration's. Introduced a new peace. That I am. Why essentially they they it's administrative rule that allows them to deport individuals. Quickly without going through the court system if they cannot prove they've been in the country for less than two weeks now couple weeks later seeing these kind. Deportation and we should say just a few minutes ago the trump administration no Department of Homeland Security held a briefing for reporters on the incident. The operation rather in Mississippi this at all those 600 plus. Immigrants have been processed more than 270 of them. Have been released they said it is believed an interest in working and is believed that all children. There were part of these families were with parents last night. But that's a tricky thing here Serena said they're big they don't know way of tracking this as the mayor said local authorities weren't given any sort of heads up. Now heads up allowed these children are American citizens born in the United States so if their parents. Were part of those quick deportation proper procedures that could effectively mean that you are creating orphans American were visible and up in the system. If they do move forward on his could deportations. Now I should also point out that these kind of mass deportation raids were very hot very. Often use under the Bush Administration the Obama administration. Preferred it to not do these kinds of rays especially at workplaces or a safe spaces instead they focus on targeted enforcement that focused on. Criminals and recent arrivals hard pre context thank you for an answer and.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Dr. Jane Delgado, the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, and Pelahatchie Mayor Ryshonda Beecham react to the ICE raids that were carried out in Canton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64866020","title":"ICE executes largest raid of the decade in Mississippi","url":"/US/video/ice-executes-largest-raid-decade-mississippi-64866020"}