Ice, rain disrupts road travel following Thanksgiving holiday

December begins with heavy snowfall and rain causing delays, icy roads and major traffic in 14 states.
1:46 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Ice, rain disrupts road travel following Thanksgiving holiday
I'll get a good Thanksgiving weekend unwittingly for some it is an extended holiday because of a bad weather. Pleading fourteen states in and around the northeast take a look at all this snow rain win this storm does have an all the major nor'easter. And we're going to begin our coverage. We've ABC's Stephanie Ramos in Albany, New York where I know Stephanie the governor told. State workers stay home if you're not essential because of the way. You're absolutely right aired and also city buildings as well those are also closed and a lot of the college's. In this area have canceled classes for today SUNY Albany just down the street from us. They've canceled classes of taking some of the pressure off of students who Wear me washing back to get to costs today but. Big ante here it is still slow a snowing it's been consistently. Snowing up the last several hours a little light right now but it is expected to pick up. The morning commute kind of rough first on the roads are kind of clear dozens of crews have been out for several hours trying to. Clearly those roads but it's it's often it's not getting any better. Here in this area we are expecting up to twenty inches of snow bats including steel vault. From yesterday and what we'll see later on today and just give you some perspective. Usually already receives about thirteen. Inches of snow for the entire month of December and they will likely surpass that snow. Fault total later on today so making it really rough for some in this area at just all of those who were dry all as jobless trying to get back home. After that Thanksgiving holiday self from Albany still snowing and exacting a whole lot more later Aaron. I'm Stephanie stay well stay dry ABC's Evan Ramos in the snow in Albany, New York.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"December begins with heavy snowfall and rain causing delays, icy roads and major traffic in 14 states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67441431","title":"Ice, rain disrupts road travel following Thanksgiving holiday","url":"/US/video/ice-rain-disrupts-road-travel-thanksgiving-holiday-67441431"}