Iditarod Racer on Protecting His Dogs

Scott Janssen says he would sacrifice himself to a moose to save his animals.
3:07 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Iditarod Racer on Protecting His Dogs
I've always tried to do the most challenging things that I can and I believe -- -- push ourselves to limit. That's the way to live a little bit more on this earth and just to be out here in God's country and the things that we've seen. The love that we give and the -- that getting -- From the dogs it's incredible not many people in -- screeners get the opportunity. To be able to be out in isolation. And to test themselves the way that we test ourselves in the Iditarod so it if it means everything to -- And I am this is my second race last year last year was my rookie year. And I finish my rookie year I got the belt buckle. -- came -- 42 place last year so I know what the back of attacks like so now -- kinda like to see what the middle of the battery at the front of the pack light. Here is aren't -- Well against the scariest or is. You know I I I don't want anything to happen to my dogs. I just you know I'm worried about moves the -- schools that we the dogs can step -- demonstrating -- restaurant only. And movies and chargers team. And I'm not carrying a gun on the trail but I would do anything. Even to the point of sacrificing myself. To make sure you -- don't get to my dogs so that's really the biggest thing that that that you know there's there's little fear there. -- Well it would be that that would also -- these have been a funeral director here in Anchorage for 27 years. And when I take off through my down. And to have people Paul Twomey and a button to get -- choked up about it just they could about it but people Carlo to Meehan. -- -- For taking care of their mom twenty years ago for taking care of their sons there daughters. And it just is so -- Read at the point where I'm fifty years old I turned fifty on the trail last year and -- -- But at that point in my life where I wondered if -- really been made difference in this world iPhone but I did -- a phone out and run in the united let me. Well I guess I wanted to do it because because of the challenge and and I've I've I fell in love with dog washing them -- -- probably twelve years ago I started sponsoring Paul Gebhardt. It's one of my best friends and that was about fourteen years ago. And so I developed a local dog munching and I just -- that that I wanna be able to do that about test myself I think that we as a people. And I don't mean this is a slam to the younger generations but I think that we as a people get weaker every generation. I want to be as tough as the people oval. I guess might just look at all I apparently -- -- it you'd think you'd have volunteers. The spectators that commode and -- thousands of people come to our beautiful state. To let alone watch the Iditarod but to volunteer. So sixty some of us can get out there and have the most incredible experience and world.

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{"id":15888609,"title":"Iditarod Racer on Protecting His Dogs","duration":"3:07","description":"Scott Janssen says he would sacrifice himself to a moose to save his animals.","url":"/US/video/iditarod-racer-protecting-dogs-15888609","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}