Once-Illiterate Author Inspires

Former fisherman, 98, taught himself to read and write when he was in his 90s.
2:00 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Once-Illiterate Author Inspires
Little did captain -- had -- that he be speaking to students here in the alleged it was just a few years ago he taught himself to eat and right. -- It's just hit me. Captain James so -- Henry is here to talk to Carol and Bruce is third grade class at the records centers school. They've been reading his book in a fisherman's language. Captain Sheehan was in the third grade himself. When he was pulled out of school by his father and forced to go to work. He would later become a lobster boat captain but with illiterate until he was in his ninety. He wants more for these kids. With. I hate crime it if -- I don't see the -- Event read. And you may become. Stump -- in -- -- it would kill when they get older and have. You -- What the deal would not do one -- may become the president of the United States. Looking -- defense science. Things. Heat fans get things and I got I was really amazing cat actually listen to this story -- actually learn about him. The field talking to these didn't -- For me. It was real time because I'm not use this AM finish. But that never stopped it's 98 year old who learned to read and write just a few years ago. And then -- his autobiography. Which congressman Joseph Courtney submitted to The Library of Congress. It was accepted. You -- story then -- contract. Packing Jim's words have certainly reached these students and will reach beyond his classroom as well. This book is going to be sent to classrooms. In all fifty states. Throughout the next year and then eventually the president's death on the -- -- -- -- completed its out Wednesday.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Former fisherman, 98, taught himself to read and write when he was in his 90s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15459245","title":"Once-Illiterate Author Inspires","url":"/US/video/illiterate-author-inspires-youth-15459245"}