Impromptu shelter opens after Hurricane Harvey

"It got really rough," said Zachary Dearing, who helped open a shelter along with a group of young people in Rockport, Texas.
2:48 | 08/27/17

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Transcript for Impromptu shelter opens after Hurricane Harvey
I wanna say we have outstanding in its people who get retained. It hasn't they'll be loud and they went out of place and then trying to finally here you. Right around six it really picked up as this storm started intensifying we can't organize mixer. That the building. That we can do everything to prevent any flooding under that the exterior doors to fixing leaks some gathered all the resources we could storm intensified all night. We had again people that were on oxygen so we made the rounds all night till 5 this morning. Taken turns we were taking turns sleeping. Good to people in. It's that everything we're trying to protect the gymnasium that's when most people weren't gymnasium and cafeteria at a plant in case we needed to get ninety people on the roof we have that right. Honestly couldn't see much heard a lot. It was as good as I 1015. You hear this right now just. Just imagine that's intense work. Statement back. It's. State. I was actually com or that's pretty if it does like it's finally and in all of them very happy. And he got it got rob. I mean them Syrian authorities not a lot of this train is coming up enough flag poles Vincent. Banking as many wrong. Cat is upbeat than any theme that let me managed to get teens. Makes you got aim. Yet and I tap. Everything sort of four. We've already. Quotas look around for about. Since game being. What have we I don't think that it's really man did the lead and a decade. Putting myself I have an obvious that my. It. I I hear a lot because my face experiences I got it. And I don't have much spamming but those who like you haven't read it Melanie its self service I seen Katie check on me. Knowing that come here and I see what we have seen. Really know that kids teenage aides come together as a family for wind and being CN especially when. This keeps them. And that's where there's only did so much. Pros and cons and storms one road is that people actually gathered together funds. Tensions high in this whose arguments yes is this. But we and into the day. Family. Is it brings them together and you all lost something else home pay them when you name it. Property and after the storm I'm actually trying to find I can hope you know policeman's.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"\"It got really rough,\" said Zachary Dearing, who helped open a shelter along with a group of young people in Rockport, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49451414","title":"Impromptu shelter opens after Hurricane Harvey","url":"/US/video/impromptu-shelter-opens-hurricane-harvey-49451414"}