Incoming Calif. senator: ‘There has to be accountability, nobody is above the law’

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who will replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate, said he vows to fight for “what is best for California.”
6:39 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Incoming Calif. senator: ‘There has to be accountability, nobody is above the law’
Joining us now is a man who will take the VP elect come on harris' senate seat and become the first Latino from the state of California to serve in the US senate California secretary of state Alex Padilla thank you so much for your time tonight we appreciate it. Nothing you for having me have been given do we feel up to prepare Corbett. We're excited to get to work. A busy week no doubt you'll be officially sworn into the senate next week another busy week in immediately phase two consequential votes should the senate balance and unheard of impeachment trial of a former president along with that urgent need for comic relief and addressing all aspects of how the pandemic is being handled. Let me the intensity. The work could that a quick exit outlaw by name but. I think in the conversation that everyone of my colleagues to be we know we have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. It doesn't matter either there or come response is absolutely important. Holding present company accountable is extremely important. And doing our part. By heritage administration titled men didn't are also extremely important so we're prepared to do to take. Any sense at all. Some some of your soon to be colleagues as far as what the senate might dip. And everything will run its proper course. But I can tell you after the but the couple weeks that we've been few minutes the last twelve months that we've been beautiful we're geared that you've been through stadium Ree oriented and hopefully we balance the leadership. Vote in the White House or any congress Pacific on the senate side. Give us a tremendous opportunity to do and act aggressively in the way that we have been able to in recent years. Now many fear the last week's domestic terror attack may only embolden attackers of Republican in the house who voted for impeachment said today in our expectation is someone may trying to kill us it do you have concerns about your personal safety coming into such a high profile role. Look at hinted that the record of calm polite are are not lost on me but we do have. State and competency and that is being committed by imitation they'll leadership of the professional departments and agencies. To keep. The members of congress city but the capital community and in general. Washington DC area compared to delicate balance between those who 12. Razor blade and protesters allowed and the First Amendment. But the violence and the trip into reputable scholar athlete is clearly beyond just that. Frankly went public images when they it's only involved in my resolve. Want to get tour anything to get to work quickly. The other home state papers of both senators Josh tally as well as Ted crews have called for them. Bolts to resign for their role in attempting to overturn it from its results of the election as they don't step down do you think of their actions warrant any kind of response. Look definitely you know that was put responsibility where life beginning with Donald Trump. And you know that if the trickle of information machines are you bitter and public. Lead competitors Polly and senators crews there have to be confident it has to be accountability. Nobody is above the law. What issues suit to remain in office country through their complete papers. What they call or the news got to be other ways for the institution. To hold them accountable. Scott as you well know California's home to two million undocumented workers many of whom have kept right on working on the farms in an essential jobs despite cold and fears that you've called for a pathway for citizenship in the next Kobe relief bill are you concerned at all that that might complicate the process of getting relief to Americans who desperately need it. No word at all you know my job is to redeploy public debt for California consistent with. Not just my values but the value that they our nation. You know we call these workers is essential for any reason they're in an important role to be deemed essential workers. It would have to treat them as such India that includes public protections that include basic worker and labor protections. The proposed who have been here for years and years and years paying taxes raising families. Contributing to the success of our nation our economy. They deserve. Be they deserve that stability security and a pathway to citizenship. And lastly California is 40% Latino and as I mentioned at the beginning you'll be the first Latino from your state to serve in the senate here's a moment where you found out from governor Newsom that he was offering you the pumps let's take a look. Can you imagine. What they mama be thinking now as I ask you if you wanna be the next US senator the United States. The great City Council. Here it's. Is the official. Says they asked rather. The modern. You know mumbled. On a personal level as the son of immigrants kind of give us a sense of what you are sinking in that moment. As well as what you're thinking as you saw mob of domestic terrorists attacking capital last week in and what gives you hope tonight. Look in that video what you see is what you get it was a close open for. From the governor and you need with that I that the patient couldn't help but it merely. But and emotions came to my parents. And recognizing their journey there struggled and sacrificed in pursuit of the American dream. Every three children were all public servant whom. Different capacities that they can of one generation. Might have been gone from both immigrants but are important to cook a marketing houses for a living to meet serving in the United States senate. I mean the American dream and the life. And that was fueled by public servant making sure that the American dream is. Remain alive for future generations but the visual we saw when they. As horrific as they were a decree with the equally terrific is that the bidding come as a surprise the American dream has been under attack. Threw out the crime the administration and beyond. Sister reminder that we have a lot of work to do nothing to restore you know decency and civility and civic discourse. To make American dream more available and accessible. To so many were found across the country that absolute loser. Senator designate it Alex Padilla we thank you so lunch your time appreciate you coming on the show. They should do to prevent it.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who will replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate, said he vows to fight for “what is best for California.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75262252","title":"Incoming Calif. senator: ‘There has to be accountability, nobody is above the law’ ","url":"/US/video/incoming-calif-senator-accountability-law-75262252"}