Indianapolis official comments on latest mass shooting

Mayor Joe Hogsett is calling for stricter gun laws following the city's second mass shooting in three months.
7:34 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Indianapolis official comments on latest mass shooting
Hi everyone I'm Venice Kato the mayor of Indianapolis and other officials are about to hold a press conference on the mass shooting. At a FedEx facility let's listen. Last night. Indianapolis was. Revisited. By the scourge of gun violence. That has killed far too many in our community. And in our country. Although we will learn more about this case. In the coming days. And in the coming weeks no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken. Or the peace. That was shattered. Nothing we learn can heal the wounds of those who escaped. With their lives. But who will now bear the scars. And endure the memories of this horrific. Crime. What we are we are left we have this morning. Is grief. Grieve for for the families of those killed. Grief for the employees who have lost their co workers. And Greece for the many Americans. Struggling to understand how tragedies. Like this continue to occur. Again. And again. They joined the Indianapolis community. In trying to understand this senseless violence. And it. Seems to me that. Beyond the need of comfort for the grieving. We must guard. Hard against resignation. Or even despair. The assumption that. This is simply how it must be. And that we might as well get used to it. We need to encourage. That compels courageous acts. That push past wariness. I wrote saying the first responders. Who arrived. At the scene. The IE MS personnel. Who provided medical care to those injured. And the brave volume PD officers. Who responded in an aunt who are now investigating. The events of last night. By all accounts. These women and these men. Acted heroically killing four victims. SA employees. And bringing order. To a kite chaotic environment. How close by saying yes. Indianapolis is a resilient. Community. Last night was a devastating blow. And its impact will be felt by our community. For days and weeks to come. But in times of despair. I know that our residents. Will rally together. And help one another make it through. The eyes of the nation. Are all on Indianapolis. Today. In ways that we would never have hoped for. And forgo. Those who only know of this city. What they have learned when we are hosting major events. On a global stage. They would be forgiven. First simply believing that the people of Indianapolis. Are known for kindness shown to those who come to visit. What they cannot see in those moments. And what is difficult for us who live here. To see. In these moments. Is that for here this spirit of generosity. And radical off. Is shared not just by our residents. But between our residence. It is what makes this a special place that we are proud. To call home. In times of triumph. And in times of tragedy. Issue is what gives us the strength. To see through the darkness. And find the light of love. That exist within each of us. It is what gives us hope. And no crime of passion. Or act of hate. Can take that away from us. Not today. Not ever I would. Quite to the fact that just last week. I signed on to a letter from over 150 be mayors around the country. Asking for the United States senate to. Consider legislation that would expand. Background checks. To be required when firearms or transferred. Between private. Citizens. And to close at Billy Charleston. Loophole. Which allows federally licensed firearm dealers. To transfer guns to customers before an adequate background check is completed so. The fact that I join with a 150 other mayors and asking the the federal legislature to do that. At least indicates. What I would like to see done legislatively. My concern. About the Indiana general assembly is. I believe they only have three or four days left in in in this particular. Session. But. I'd certainly. Will make it clear to that our governor until legislative leadership. Well I stay and on these issues. Well as most people I know there's chief of staff to the president of the United States is a nurse central. High school grad from Indianapolis Indiana so it was not at all unusual that. He would reach out to me basically the offer was anything you need mayor. We stand ready to assist it. It was not a direct communication it was just text messaging. And I of course responded thanking him and told him that we would. Keep him made aware of the progress of the investigation. And if the White House was able to do anything just to support. I'm certainly not hesitant to ask for it.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Mayor Joe Hogsett is calling for stricter gun laws following the city's second mass shooting in three months.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77117685","title":"Indianapolis official comments on latest mass shooting","url":"/US/video/indianapolis-official-comments-latest-mass-shooting-77117685"}