Indianapolis School Bus Crash Kills 2

Bus driver and student were killed when the bus crashed into a railroad bridge.
1:22 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Indianapolis School Bus Crash Kills 2
Police say that the bus carrying fifty student ages five to sixteen. Was only two miles away from the Indianapolis White House charter school what it slammed head on into a railroad bridge. It is unclear at this time -- why the bus driver had -- about it whether there was a medical condition involved or. Another vehicle involved or something but I -- PD will take care of that investigation and we'll follow up on them. The bus driver and a student on board were killed in the crash. Two children are in critical condition and eight other suffered minor injuries they -- all on this special. Frantic parents arrived at the scene while others watched -- boy in disbelief and. -- beautiful day. Look for the parents have small children and grandkids -- -- a hard thing. Very upsetting I've got -- the same age is -- you know you can just only imagine what the families going through right now. It's just you know it's just a tragedy. Students on the bus who were injured were loaded onto another bus and driven back to the school to meet their parents. The road where the accident happened is known to flood and it did rain Monday morning but witnesses say there weren't any hazards that would explain the crash. Maybe something happened when the bus driver whether a heart attack or stroke or. There's something like that -- happened to me. Now investigators -- trying to piece together the moments leading up to the extent. And why the driver slammed into the bridge.

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{"id":15904278,"title":"Indianapolis School Bus Crash Kills 2","duration":"1:22","description":"Bus driver and student were killed when the bus crashed into a railroad bridge.","url":"/US/video/indianapolis-school-bus-crash-kills-two-15904278","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}