Infant Girl Dies After Chicago Shooting

Six-month-old Jonylah Watkins was shot while her father was changing her diaper.
1:52 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Infant Girl Dies After Chicago Shooting
As you don't yesterday. Six month old baby. And a father. Were shot multiple times and 65 to Maryland and a third district. Victims -- in a parked vehicle and issue approached on foot. Fired several times into the vehicle and then fled. As is being reported this morning. Baby John -- died as result of her injuries. This -- them. We're continuing our investigation into contention I was murder. In the shooting of a father -- in serious condition but stable at this point. At this time we're looking for a black male offender was seen fleeing the scene and -- clothing. We know we fled on foot through a -- situations where the shooting occurred and into a waiting blue minivan. This is another tragedy. Because no child and certainly not an infant. Should be the victim of gang violence. Which by the way at this point. Although there's a lot of angles that we're pursuing. There are very strong -- overtones to this particular spent. And as we -- July after an analyst death and continue our work to reduce crime and our communities taking illegal guns off the street shutting down drug markets. In combating gang activity. There was going to be good days and it's going to be bad days and today is obviously a bad day. It's hard to see the progress. Sometimes it's being made in reducing violence. And that's for the very simple reason that as long as we have one victim in this city particularly tragedy. Of -- child. It's hard to recognize him and you know the statistics -- -- couldn't talk about statistics. But the fact is this is sobering. Reality that we have a lot of work to do even though -- making progress.

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{"id":18710104,"title":"Infant Girl Dies After Chicago Shooting","duration":"1:52","description":"Six-month-old Jonylah Watkins was shot while her father was changing her diaper.","url":"/US/video/infant-girl-dies-chicago-shooting-18710104","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}