Inmate's Unemployment Checks Spent on Gang

L.A. officials say Anthony Garcia's alleged fraud ring was aided by his dad.
1:17 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inmate's Unemployment Checks Spent on Gang
These three people allegedly -- 20000 dollars in unemployment checks they were made up to a man who was in jail convicted of murder officials say the unemployment money. Benefited other criminals. The multiple gang members from multiple gang -- receive this money. That was funneled back to them we believe in this criminal enterprise. Anthony Garcia was convicted of murdering a liquor store -- back in 2004. He -- the crime scene in detail on his chest. And that led to his arrest and conviction in 2008. Officials say while in jail Garcia received unemployment checks 16100 dollars a month for a year and a half. Those checks were allegedly cashed -- -- two girlfriends 25 year old Cynthia leave us who tried to hide her face in court today. This is your booking photo. And 45 year old Sandra -- mix as well as his father 47 year old Juan Garcia would investigators say is also a gang member. The only county district attorney issued a statement saying. It's no wonder this state is facing such financial difficulties the most alarming element is that the state does not have effective methods. To detect and prevent fraudulent claims. Inmates are not entitled to unemployment benefits officials say the money was then sent to Garcia and his game. We do know that some of it was used for narcotics activity as well as other crimes.

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{"id":15857444,"title":"Inmate's Unemployment Checks Spent on Gang","duration":"1:17","description":"L.A. officials say Anthony Garcia's alleged fraud ring was aided by his dad.","url":"/US/video/inmates-unemployment-checks-spent-on-gang-15857444","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}