A look inside the New York International Auto Show

ABC News' Charli James heads to the Javits Center in New York City to get a closer look at the 2017 International Auto Show.
23:58 | 04/12/17

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Transcript for A look inside the New York International Auto Show
I'm Charlie James back here at the New York International Auto Show here in the niece on an area this is in the east on route it is the best selling model overall foreign meat science but there's something a little special about this one it's called the road to go and they have some friends here that you don't usually see an audit out. Some dogs. I got from the name their ground is a content that version of the grounds that Nissan has put together. That is the most dog friendly it'll ever. And we have Nathan hear from the east on who is going to shell us what makes this. So dog friendly and the three dog models here they've been here all day. Let's get their names creek to enter them I I. The ducks have been here all day can you just tell us a little bit and other names of the green. She's worked. It. And I imagine that they are very trains dogs these sense they're so comfortable at all the cameras all the attention all the people all. And they seem to be having fun today. Yes there having a great time getting treats the playing in it doing tricks and enjoying lots of attention. Well let's see what they can do Tinto itself. Nate then tell us a little bad about what makes the road to go so dog friendly conceived. First stop right here this ramp. Yep so the roads is a one off concept vehicle that we put together to celebrate the success of number one selling via the company's non right. It's we've basically outfitted vehicle with a number of speeches we mr. Yang and it changed in the dog friendly inn and helping dog and is yet have a much easier lives outside. For example we have it is the slide out ramp which helps. Yeah the dogs get into the vehicle then once here in this. In the rear tiger area it's been completely outfitted with Weatherford materials obviously dogs get messy says so that's important. You know. Because it looks like a mean bigger dogs like the verdict Ali aired they could probably jump up on here and it looks like this is kind of dog. Unfriendly material on the back here is well but you know little dog or older dogs they can't always jump up in the back. Right some some small dogs have a have a little bit of trouble jumping out then as you mentioned the older dogs as well senate. This really helps but does. It seemed to be taking right. Act. The man. That. You hear in our. Yet so if we we look further in science. We also have been integrated. Water and fruit bowl weeks here yet not folds into this to the sides. You can fill it up with certain water and its non spill in non drips. Called it down take the lids off and it's ready to use. You've also gut. The second their territory here which has a 360 degree dog she Allah. With banana pudding absolutely. So built right and accidentally in the dogs because so many times you're taking your dog in a car you're taking amount for boxer taking them to the feats and you don't mess necessarily want to. Put them back get all the dirt. Absolutely sellers of this is you know and it. You have being able to give the dogs a lack chow. Integrated dryer as well which alas the drive up the dogs before they get back in the cast that they're not. You know shaking around and and and getting the interior. Too wet. What can we showed just how this works the one that flew over. You'd. There. Cooperate. What's the dog like that. It has a ten gallon capacity is. You know there's a lot of water which which you can use sense if you got multiple dogs it's great and give them all wash. And once you're done just try them off with the with the integrated draft. There's a little bit here in the back I understand as well in the backseat and I. Cook RT IRS. What I or what are you seeing what we got special in the back. Yup so you can say that with did the 402040 split fold states reviews the middle portion that. As an easy entry and exit from the the ricotta aren't into the second round. And then once the dogs are in the second row we have it. And don't panic witches hooked into the front headrest into the back at wrists which alas the dogs to run without falling in between the states that. It gives them more freedom more flexibility to Tamara ground in and be comfortable and daddy's. So as we said earlier this is a concept so this is the only one like that had to pump up look research you guys do it too. See what dog owners want her and that could potentially make this that. Market a car. Yeah it's we've had a lot of positive response to this concept car which is great. We actually did a little bit of research. Two dog harness and we've. Obviously found that the large majority of dog and is considered dog as one of the families. You know at this concept really does align with dog and his values and and it it it really provides a vehicle which is along what dog friendly and that's something that that dog and it's certainly looking people. Well these dogs. And other brands talking about. People art area. And be here. It. I believe that it's just the next days. You can come see the road to note and act. Thinking lots Anke so much. Blasts. And where and check out some cars thank you. Habits. And on. Take out the clock. We. Should do. You might know it. Pittsburgh. And if you. Are locking care. So many hands IR. I've showcasing. The big story here at the show also can point out. As. And that the Star Wars cats they talked to. Parent this one opt. This is just fine. And in. This is not coming through march. It but there are some other models. Like this mine in the all. Star Wars in the and and him ball. You. Happen. Years. I'm. I. It. But there are O. They. It part. And alt. Here you feel these cards up on the podium what they do Wednesday we'll cover the cars and then make the big reveals. So it that it's a big events around new models of the ones that you see up on the podium. Those are usually V. Cars that the brands are really showcasing the new ones and that they're doing it reveals around. And so many brands from from Ford two key. She even a really high end brands. Are all coming out with these new SU isn't he a lot here at a Honda section as well. Said the next ST do you we are going to tell you about now this is. It might seem a little strange but then the mini. The brand known for small cars they have their biggest car an SUV actually I've. Thanks. Being with us here ABC news is we're live right now. And your time. We. Product managers. A lot of people might think the mini. Not the first vehicle that you would think to come out with an SUV. By this one here that the newest country man. And it's the biggest party doesn't mean yeah right. It is so that this new 27 team Mini Countryman is definitely the biggest many ever. So we say it is. Maybe not. As meaning anymore but he is needy what I mean by that it's it's our biggest car but it is very much. What we are all about as it very personal and spacious interior it's really funny driving his. Great fun steering handling. And great performance and although it's big for us it's a vehicle that's still her relatively small you can actually fit in a parking space at Dallas near mind. It's fun that it still unmistakably. A mini. Vehicle like you see at and there's no mistaking add to tell us a little bit about what went in to. The decisions of what you're hearing from consumers what they want that creates. Creates this vehicle that goes into a the the products. Absolutely this is our second generation up Mini Countryman. And it's about eight point one inches longer than the first one. We did this deliberately because we know people love the first generation carpet they wanted a little bit more space especially for rear seat passengers. So we have a very big rear seat it's very comfortable you can take friends outed to dinner and no one complains. And this is it a core part of it can we keep this car has a meaning but make it that much more practical for everyday use. We knew people love the performance of the first generation Carnes that was really important to you. And it affects even where the car looks the wheels have to be closer to the corners to get this kind of go Kart sensation when you're driving. And of course we wanted to have a classic at many color scheme. That's what we're seeing on this are. With the racing stripes yeah exactly which goes back to our racing carriage in the 1950s and sixties. And it it really speaks to the solid car. Let's take a look at excitedly around air. And just tell us little about why it's what you guys did with the new countrymen on the interior absolutely so. What we did and win completely redesigned car from the ground up. We wanted to have the very premium really refined interior and so for us this this cars available with some burial injuries materials inside this car that we're seeing here. As it is a special type of chesterfield leather we call it but it's it's a very high end and it's something you really wouldn't normally find in car this size but. Our philosophy has always been its notched asked about the size of the car they are people like me like to drive a car like this and still have all these great features. And so did the in tears for costs and we're really proud of it's really high end. If a great touch screen navigation system and and a lot of other firsts for many that are are. I've raised the bar for the type of price. And tech is becoming more and more important to consumers what they're looking for just sounds like you guys are our all and on the as CB market. Well I think we want to make sure that we have that products that are right for us that right for me matter what people want. So it's tech it's there to help you but not necessarily get in the way for a lot of our customers. Having I mean he's all about that driving fun and we wanted to make sure that you can do that impeded. And still then have access to discrete technologies they're analysis. I think he's not just centigrade. Our thanks giving us giving us the two hours that. Even night even mini can get an SUV. And you become apparent to the American national on the show and take a look that we have Mara let's keep going. And take a look at all the brands I mean this might seem huge this isn't eve then the whole show that were downstairs. As just for the pick up trucks and the utility vehicles there is even mark. Downstairs now here in the Toyota section and the as hyper adds highland there even just like here that is. That is out for one of the home seems the mats baseball team what's Toyota is a partner. And now. The pack here are giving its luxury car. And that's another story here. Is why it. Is not just utility vehicle's inning our benefits and earth or utility. People also. Want luxury. End. A lot of money. High end. I N Graham also getting into. Even more and more luxury. An air force payments more. There high and vehicles. But we're gonna take you over to the weekend. Area that's one of their new vehicles this inning and a lot of attention here. At the shell. All right now bear and tearing. The Lincoln area hair. And I was saying about the about the high end as he is Lincoln is actually the brand is credited with creating high end SUV and they are bringing it even higher I don't mind. Mine 'cause her and she is the product manager. Specifically current dynamic an act. And so I was saying on the way over here to our viewers that. You really invented this class of luxury asking the is back in the ninety's. And your continuing to just raise the Gartner is part in the buzz here at the shell is a lot that. This is may be. They NC assessing the you can hire right now to tell us a little bet about this new model they adjusted. So this is higher at 2018 money here at Lincoln Navigator and this is black label also black label really represents. The best of a linking him east this is our top of the line we are are an exclusive black label he at this Tacoma crystal blue. I'm inside it's our yacht club's beam which was inspired by degrees the blues of the oceans. I was over the years it seemed content security a lot of color materials from the concept are out in that production. The navigator about effortless drive experiences that we have a 450 horsepower. I've learned but pounds of torque power treatments had speed transmissions are really act reckless driving. Utley pat I'm standard LEDs on the Vietnam. We debuted our new signature lighting and I heard about this letting I was gonna content as I understand that there's some really fun features on the front and also some sort of like. That signals. I whites think about on the side picnic in. Dad so I'm Lincoln is about a warm embrace as you approached the vehicle that it back at you and Ers on the star will actually illuminate the center. And the thing providing outlook than it from them inside out. That actually. Are welcome back we'll come down from the side you Mir on the ground while means that it. The running boards will come out and apply and actually be illuminated at night so this is for all of us. So vehicle and Pattinson not only. Warm up from the driver but I'll look back and their passengers and looks like he does have some major government can help and it's and L. The second round. Not eat it we'll have. Amongst indirect competitors the best second round in third road migrant. It's been really you know. Beautiful seek the LD telling. I'll lead the blue bay Venetian leather and matches. Yad definitely. Has the peak apple is the white washed cheap apple is in the door. And worked a lot with how the seats function. He could actually really easily pull the seat forward for easy access into the third row and you can still keep car seat there. I'm making is yet of their own for our customers who are carrying a lot of people that's really important and so let's talk about technology. Well on and it got an affront back added let's talk about technology it's becoming more and more important to keep all. And you guys are saying right on the cutting ads with. Tell us what you guys about that in navigator. Yes it be and I'm a new digital clusters. I don't cluster in the habit status in what's cool about that technology is the. Yeah we get a car you. Are nugget and the keep the door open in shooting. Probably the nicest guy I've ever been behind the wheel of. Now I'm just gonna say I as a woman I'm love and the colors and can't. You have different color schemes and here is this really a car that is meant more than higher. Really important purchase drivers in this segment. But we do have other designs while also again yacht club we have destiny shame its new leader. The really rich Burgundy and interior. We have chalet as well for black label it to the much lighter interior. Actually and are based models we have four different tiers O'Donnell there's seven different environments that are from light to dark anything. Our customers a new. Life. Yet there it got the console here. Outside that tell us that Carmelo got us through we have on the whitewash to eat well and I'm in I hear you actually find wireless charging patent between. Cleverly packaged inside the medium and so. We can close your phone in their licensee. I'll have unfortunately cars on fire but that we have and part hides. Senators back and cluster. We have new drive at graphics that's not here. When you turn it they'll actually changed a whole host of features like your drive line your suspension your tapping. And animal column on the enemy had beautiful graphic. On the actually changed the features of your vehicle and name and something like our concern. Having ego cuts in addition to changing that view colors. Actually changed drivers by giving them tips of how to. I'm work war eco. Upstate. New technology not just gadgetry. Office they diets about safety performance and capability. Let's talk a little bit about the product as far as. These cars. It takes years did ours. So this is not coming decided last year that you guys want it to start making these guys taking you know you had to make a prediction and say that. They're on that's. Look that lets that out. Philly can feed outside Lima time. But I can't see you guys are having a maker predicts ten years in advance that this is the kind of car that people are and I want to thigh. And hoping that gas prices stay well because as he is if it. To take up more gas Smart ass so it just tells about what goes into that decision market lies. Here's an advance. To make sure that you guys have what consumers want so much prediction right so you over five years ago we really start over and this vehicle it starts a lot with customer research so we'll meet with customers to find out really what drives them. And we'll do a lot of them at their graphic researches wells are actually going it's their homes. Observing our customers see how they live what pain points they might have in their current equals. Well we can help solve or immediately start with those experienced plumber design idiot coming up a look at larger macroeconomic factors. Yeah what we think competition might be doing based on sort of their typical cycle plans and things like bat. So we start Ali is that the customer and see what the customer needs are and then we build around and also taking in that economic trends and as well. I'm an Emmy as we develop the vehicle we continue to visit act but I customers so. As we develop different components we'll check game of their customers show them different options we have and see what get their feedback. And let me continue to refine it with our engineering and design a marketing teams so. We're really excited to bring this week we'll see you today on a blood Clinton is independent and over five years we've been working on over I'm really excited to finally be able it to take covered up and see what people's action Anderson has really went above and beyond the restarts you hired your Ed anthropologists. To speak with the on and that you as an oven beyond the normal market. Exactly that leads and additions to our normal focus group freezers means it in columns though myself I'm visiting customers in New York Chicago and Dallas to learn. Not only comments about their life like how how we can help them in for use them as they got their daily business because a lot of it time for them but they get out there am that lives. And this is just a way to get you from point eight appoint either really reach and acts but those around here. You unveiled it finally. Here at this and so what's the reaction and some are imminent. As even then what point aren't hunting and I'll. Yeah I think it's been about T shirts and how they. Apple are yeah. Now let's look our group headed the reaction has been really positives. It's definitely broke up for all of us it's really nice it is finally here in it and the arts and obviously it. On mind thank you so much for giving it 20 are. Years of hard work looks like it's paid off getting lots of buzz here at the new arc international honors itself appreciate it so much I'm so again. Taken a look here at newest Lincoln Navigator that is that. At kind of at the top of its class in the luxury SUV market. Here at the New York on us out a way. Hope you enjoyed it this little Torricelli gave starting from the dot and all the way here and definitely that CB market and it's continuing. Impact. Is one of the big story lines here and thanks so much for joining me Charlie James. And watching ABC news digital here at the New York in the past on.

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{"duration":"23:58","description":"ABC News' Charli James heads to the Javits Center in New York City to get a closer look at the 2017 International Auto Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"46759637","title":"A look inside the New York International Auto Show","url":"/US/video/inside-york-international-auto-show-46759637"}