Investigators question Harding's self-described bodyguard, ex-husband in Nancy Kerrigan attack: Part 6

Tonya Harding initially denied knowing anything about the attack, but later said she failed to report what she later learned about the attack.
9:12 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Investigators question Harding's self-described bodyguard, ex-husband in Nancy Kerrigan attack: Part 6
??? ??? She comes home as the national champion. She lands in Portland and is received as champions always are with balloons. Congratulations! Thanks! A teary-eyed Tonya Harding was greeted by fans as she arrived back home in Portland. Ecstatic over her victory. There is a lot of press because some crazy stuff has happened in Detroit. Somebody gets a microphone in front of her and says, "Well, what do you think?" And she says -- I'm really happy. But um, it won't be a true crown until I get my chance at Nancy. That'll be the olympics. And let me tell you I'm going to whip her butt. I thought, "Oh, Tonya. Just keep your mouth shut." But it was so her. There was a lot of like, "Oh, why is she talking like that? Oh, that's so wrong." That's just who I am. That's how I talk. I had had my hopes up for, you know, the longest time now competing against Nancy and proving to everybody that I am as good as her, and better. I was very disappointed that she couldn't compete. I will prove to everyone that I am number one, and I won't settle for anything less. At the very beginning, no way did I think she had anything to do with this. Someone in Oregon may have ties to the assault on Kerrigan. Authorities are reportedly taking a close look at Harding's personal bodyguard SHAWN Eckhardt. SHAWN Eckhardt was a -- a ne'er-do-well. He was a buffoon. SHAWN Eckhardt describes himself as Tonya Harding's bodyguard. And he's a friend of Jeff's. And he fancied himself, some international man of intrigue. One person who does not refer to SHAWN Eckhardt as Tonya Harding's bodyguard is Tonya Harding. No bodyguard. Are you kidding me? He's dumb as a post. SHAWN Eckhardt couldn't stop bragging about this coup that he had masterminded. Some of the people he talked to, called law enforcement. Once the FBI starts questioning Eckhardt, he folds almost immediately. Harding's bodyguard has confessed to a role in the attack on Kerrigan. Anything you want to say? The questioning of Eckhardt quickly takes them to another possible suspect. This one is Jeff Gillooly. And that changes everything. It's game on, because, if you implicate Jeff Gillooly, you are right in there with Tonya Harding. Jeff Gillooly approached SHAWN about doing something to Nancy Kerrigan to take her out of the competition for the U.S. Olympic team. ABC's Diane sawyer was able to get an interview with SHAWN Eckhardt and he talked. Jeff Gillooly approached me. Why didn't you say, what, are you crazy? Not on your life! I don't know. And who decided which leg? Jeff did, her landing leg. Yeah, she wouldn't be able to skate. And then SHAWN hired Derrick Smith and Shane Stant. They were the "Hit team." Stant and Smith were complete screw-ups. They, you know, left a trail of credit card receipts for plane tickets and rental cars. Who uses their own personal credit card with their name stamped at the bottom to check in and out of a hotel? Who does that? The thug who hit Nancy had the baton in his hand. He's trying to get away. He runs and he has to go through a glass door so he uses his head. Not the baton. So stupid. I would challenge that a couple of eighth graders would have come up with, with a better plan. And now, of course, you latch Tonya onto that wagon and say, all right, how much did you know, Tonya? Questions about Harding's possible involvement have not yet been fully answered. As those around her are being questioned, Tonya Harding is continuing to deny knowing anything about it, at all. I don't know anything. Of course I'm going to cooperate. I mean, I don't have anything to hide. All eyes pointed towards Tonya. She fit the bill. She was the bad girl who conjured up some kind of way to get her competition off the charts. Gillooly was going to be the key to getting Harding. Tell me whether or not you had anything to do with this whole thing. Ah, no, I didn't. Did he act differently after the attack? I think he just still acted like his arrogant self. So you weren't suspicious at all? Not at that time. It was, like, within, like, that next five days or something, he started acting funny. And I remember asking him, "What is going on? Do you know something that you're not saying?" It is a crazy time. National camera crews have camped out at her home. They are ostensibly keeping a united front. How are you feeling right now? It's been a long week. But we're feeling okay. It's nuts. You guys, would you go away? People are dumpster diving. I'm not answering your questions I said. 24 hour non-stop. Leave me alone right now. While Jeff Gillooly and Tonya Harding are both under this umbrella of suspicion, she's got to be training for the olympics. The scene at that mall was unbelievable. I think she's the best skater ever! Every major network. Every single day. You know, you'd pass Cinnabon, and you'd think, "Oh, god, here we go again." So there I was. I was sent out to Portland, Oregon. Live, from the Portland, Oregon skating rink, where the clock ticks down to the olympic games in Norway. The world was chasing the Tonya Harding story. Everybody! I didn't want to think about anything except my skating. I just wanted people to leave me the hell alone. What's it like having the media camped next door? Move out of my way! Did you have anything to do with this thing? I am not sure what pill of denial that she popped every day. But at that moment, her ice was her freedom. The working class communities where Harding grew up are lining the ice at her workouts to show their support. Oh, my god. Her fans. They were huge. The people that were there all the time almost felt like, part of me. So that was pretty neat. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say thank you for all your support. Tonya's life is under a public microscope again tonight. Tonya's just going in to talk to the authorities now. Harding had voluntarily come in for a detailed interview. That interview goes for ten hours. At that point, you knew Jeff's involvement. You knew SHAWN's -- Yes, I knew that SHAWN was involved. I knew that Jeff had done something wrong, but I didn't know how far at that point. Anything to say to your fans? Please believe in me. As the questioning of them begins, the finger-pointing starts. They've long had a tumultuous, difficult relationship that is now done. Jeff, did you cut a deal with these guys? He pled to an assault charge and the agreement required him to testify for the state. And that obviously meant that he'd be testifying in regard to Tonya Harding. Networks broke into coverage to show Tonya Harding's press conference on exactly what she says her role was. This is a special report. For several weeks now, the skater, Tonya Harding, has denied that she knew anything at all about the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. Day, miss Harding admitted that was not quite true. I would like to begin by saying how sorry I am. I had no prior knowledge of the planned assault. I am responsible, however, for failing to report things I learned about the assault when I returned home from nationals. The U.S. Figure skating association now must determine whether Harding should be dropped from the olympic team. Tonya, are you concerned about being indicted? Does Tonya Harding have a right to skate in the winter games? I had every right to be there. They didn't have any right of taking that away from me. I earned it. So I threatened them with a lawsuit. So while Tonya is in a fishbowl, Nancy Kerrigan was doing underwater resistance training and doing training on a gym floor that's padded and soft to see what her knee can take. If you don't think the folks at CBS sports, which carries the olympics, are praying for a harding/kerrigan skate-off you've never heard the word ratings or sponsor. A settlement has been reached with Tonya Harding. She will be allowed to compete. I'm really excited that I'm able to fulfill my dream and compete at the olympics. Just keep believing in me and I'm going to go there and I'm

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{"id":52295389,"title":"Investigators question Harding's self-described bodyguard, ex-husband in Nancy Kerrigan attack: Part 6","duration":"9:12","description":"Tonya Harding initially denied knowing anything about the attack, but later said she failed to report what she later learned about the attack.","url":"/US/video/investigators-question-hardings-bodyguard-husband-nancy-kerrigan-attack-52295389","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}