Iraq Vet Battles Mount Kilimanjaro

Nancy Schiliro, wounded in Iraq, overcomes obstacles to achieve her goals.
4:25 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Iraq Vet Battles Mount Kilimanjaro
-- -- -- -- -- My fight has just begun. -- -- -- -- -- What's marine police. It was 2030 and I wasn't really been -- in college. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I went -- -- -- -- that I never question Billy Ellis of 43 year old female from New York -- little boy's house. I want become -- I wonder where that he little things. I didn't. I was and I -- for about nine months and we had a mortar attack blew the explosion happened I was thrown. Kind of hitting -- rights and I had pretty badly. I didn't lose consciousness and I was seeing black -- They had no choice but to move the whole live because of the fashion -- In the Marine -- discharge -- I was -- -- I wanted to go away I couldn't find. That drive for life anymore there was there was nothing lasts inside -- to push myself forward. A guy who works for wounded -- Project had given me a call and he asked -- you site would you like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Account to spark went off my head like it's become LA with a libel things like what might -- -- and I -- questioned myself. For about a second and that was. I wouldn't climb list. To let amputees and -- -- severe TGI tract for injury. And and we were honored by having three legends with us we had had Bruschi. For the patriots Jeff Fisher from -- tight ends and -- and Eagles I knew I was -- the only female group I was gonna go regardless. But that -- the icing on the cake. Getting up that mountain I had a channel every -- marine that I had inside. -- hiking. Anywhere from eight to twelve hours -- it ever got thinner and now conducts -- The temperature got colder. He's a good cast my physical limitation amendment one occasion. On summit today I really. Put my head down. I think you can keep it -- -- -- -- -- and you do this mountaintop speech. And it looked behind. Thanks so like he would absolutely -- night and I sat down and leave my home. -- and we walked at a summit as a team we -- today. I can never describe the feeling. I kind of saw myself as invincible and I think you can. I've had great -- have had their moments. I've definitely had my share of great victories in life. It's time for me if China -- times -- Push -- -- five minutes and got through it. Women of all ages and circumstances continue to challenge themselves who athletic endeavors. Hi I'm Hannah Storm executive producer of a new original digital series called journeys and victories. On ESP NW dot com. We've teamed up -- be -- -- secret to bring you stories of inspirational women who are doing extraordinary things through sport. We'd love to invite you to tell your story. -- -- moments of empowerment and fearlessness achieved through sports here's how you do a lot on ESP NW dot com and search journey. Tell us how your journey began this special moments along the way how -- made you feel. Your personal victories. Will choose -- of the submissions to be covered in her series right here on ESP NW dot com.

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{"id":14924417,"title":"Iraq Vet Battles Mount Kilimanjaro","duration":"4:25","description":"Nancy Schiliro, wounded in Iraq, overcomes obstacles to achieve her goals.","url":"/US/video/iraq-vet-battles-mount-kilimanjaro-14924417","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}