Isaias moving fast up the east coast

Tropical Storm Isaias made landfall in North Carolina overnight killing at least one person and shutting power for nearly half a million people.
5:09 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for Isaias moving fast up the east coast
He's India's here's a live look at the radar that deadly storm is making its way up the East Coast and it is moving. Fast he cius made landfall overnight as a category one hurricane and North Carolina killing at least one person. And knocking out power for nearly half a million not a storm is targeting more cities from Washington DC all the way up to Boston. Rob Marciano is in Carolina beach North Carolina with. Overnight hurricane EC it's wreaking Havoc on the Carolina coast. Ushering in life threatening storm surge flooding or. Damaging winds reaching 85 miles four hour with sheets of rain the storm too fierce for me to report on camera. Sparks flying right before thousands lose power in real leads in North Carolina. In apocalyptic scene and ocean isle beach multiple evacuated homes being engulfed in flames as the eye of the storm Harvard over the town. Residents like Nate Thompson springing to action helping firefighters battle the flames. Attrition through the water didn't just script and auctions and thanks for him and grabbed onto a hose and spraying water whatever. Officials urging residents to shelter in place after possible tornadoes touched down cruise gearing up for rescue and damage assessments almost a Jewish Center or county is without power this time. Can open I'll North Carolina resident riding out the ferocious winds and surging water in the dark. Show first tell us house an early show. Moving water and bring sand inside filling homes with debris and Robin Roberts speaking with the North Carolina governor this morning. To have to deal with this as you said in the middle. Well the pandemic just the difficulty and planning for hurricane under these conditions we had to make sure that we had extra precautions as we planned for evacuation. Shelters to its double trouble wryly when you're dealing with a hurricane and kind of mid nineteen at the same time. And rob Marciano joins us now robbed this storm seems like it's not only aimed at the entire East Coast but it's also moving. Fast what does that tell you. Odds it's been picked up by a very strong jet stream much stronger than you would typically have in the beginning of August and that's creating a whole another problem is keeping its keeping its strength pretty well and is pretty a lot of sheer so we've got a tornado watch that multiple term tornado warnings and tornado reports. Since this thing came on shore last night this senator is just southeast DC right now there you see the of the tornado watch out for Dell Marva. New Jersey Long Island and much shoreline Connecticut now Hudson Valley until this thing really passes there's that's going to be a real threat. Along with the storm surge that heavy rain. And the flooding and potential for more power it is regarded apple re happily people without power customers without power likely Nabil oh over a million people without power before this is all done. Man. And rob we've seen it go from a tropical storm to a hurricane a few times now could we see this strengthen again. Not not until like a hurricane but the but we're definitely see somebody wind energy from the jet stream. Coupled with that went bad tropical system so that's why we're not seeing it. We can't as fast as we would have been. From our land falling hurricanes normally we would see it wind falloff quite quickly but we're still I have winds that actually closer hurricane strength. And it's almost all the way up to New Jersey so that's kind of keeping its strength it won't strengthen and farther but it is. Making for a bigger Winfield so even more people will see the damaging winds out of transforming into what we call extra tropical which just means more of a mid latitude type cycle but that. Combination is really. Not good. And because of that we've got the wins and the effort to detract EC right up the Hudson River and and the winds that could gusts over sixty miles an hour easily along the shore but. Inland parts of New Jersey and and and Manhattan could easily see damaging wind gusts of 4050 maybe even sixty miles an hour and Al carries in doing so huge huge. Population you're Diane. I being impacted whip that destructive weather. Yeah that's for sure and red rabbit show your firsthand look at how powerful a storm like this can be where we want to show some of the video that you posted on is to Graham overnight. What's it like to be out there. I'll I'd I want that every storm is different and every storm was some way feels the same when you get near the eye wall which which is when I went out there that the raiders blowing sideways it's coming down in sheets and waves if you're anywhere near the beach. You're getting sand felt any I was on the other side of our hotel in the parking lot away from the beach for the San was still coming through so. A cat feels like here in the midlevel watcher machine. With water and sand. Just banging your route its I try to do is make some TV out of my phone but it just wasn't happening it says it was two you are an assisting in this thing. Much like channel ten days ago. Intensified as they come I came onshore this wants him in the middle of night which makes it even more frightening. Then again there were a lot of people on the Russert but that's the good news. There powerful storm and it's not even Diane even close to the peak hurricane season robbed or records and that doesn't bode well for the next two months. But he said it like being a last machine at least you look nice and clean rob. Apparel on his back. This morning I gotta start thank you Diane I about got this means staying safe we appreciate the.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Tropical Storm Isaias made landfall in North Carolina overnight killing at least one person and shutting power for nearly half a million people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72168404","title":"Isaias moving fast up the east coast ","url":"/US/video/isaias-moving-fast-east-coast-72168404"}