US Intelligence Confirms ISIS Video Is Authentic

Video released by the Jihadist militants shows the beheading of American journalist James Foley.
3:45 | 08/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Intelligence Confirms ISIS Video Is Authentic
The ice is video of the -- -- of American journalist James -- released by the jihadist militants. US intelligence now saying that video is authentic so horrific that we will not show that video here. And now reaction to Foley's ex -- -- resonating across America. Hello everyone I'm -- -- can Nona in Washington. President Obama is expected to make a statement shortly about the death of James Foley the war reporter had not been seen since his capture in Syria -- when he twelve. First let's go now live to Antoinette Antonio up our Boston affiliate WCVB. Angela is joining us from Rochester, New Hampshire where the family of James Foley attends church. -- thanks for being here what's happening there in the community today. -- afternoon we are here at the our lady at the holy rosary church here in Rochester, New Hampshire. I can tell you it's actually very quiet right now but we -- get a chance to speak. With the Foley family pastor who is a priest here at this church father Paul saying he said during mass this morning. He explained to the community how he understands this is a big international banks. But how hard this hits this community this community of 30000 people. During mass this morning he stressed that this is -- time that that they really need to be a strong community. For the only bound -- and as you can understand everyone just thinking about this. Being such a senseless tragedy of losing this man who everyone had really been hoping would come home for the past two years. Well we know that James Foley was fearless war correspondent. What else are you learning about. James Foley moved here to Rochester, New Hampshire his parents still live here in Rochester. As a matter fact that just learned that they will be speaking to the media just a little bit. But after he moved on from Rochester he went on to college she also went on to teach journalism. Was not his first career but then he did turn to journalism later on in his life. Working for global flows out of Boston and he was working for global -- what he went missing in Syria back in twenty while. An -- that we read what James -- mother posted on FaceBook. Have you been able to speak to any of the family members yet. -- we did speak with that Diane Foley earlier this morning it was very brief that was just a couple of minutes. We approached the Foley family home not too far away from this church. She came down the driveway -- she had tears in her eyes as you can understand she asked at that point in time that. And said that they would speak when they were ready to speak with the media which we understand will be happening sometime soon. And something was really poignant about that moment is that she gave each one of us reporters. She was crying she had tears in her eyes and she did say -- -- We -- just pray that we can be as strong as jam up or walking back up to them. We can only imagine what it very difficult kindness goodness for that family Antoinette Antonio from our Boston affiliate WCVB. Thanks so much for joining us there in Rochester, New Hampshire. And President Obama is expected to make a statement shortly again on the execution of James Foley we will be carrying those comments live. So you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive update wire on the -- For now I'm -- -- can Nona in Washington.

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{"id":25054110,"title":"US Intelligence Confirms ISIS Video Is Authentic","duration":"3:45","description":"Video released by the Jihadist militants shows the beheading of American journalist James Foley.","url":"/US/video/james-foley-us-intelligence-isis-video-authentic-25054110","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}