Jersey Shore Boardwalk Blaze Viewed as 'Suspicious'

Arson inspectors will soon enter the scene at Seaside Park, N.J., to determine a cause of the fire.
2:33 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Jersey Shore Boardwalk Blaze Viewed as 'Suspicious'
That we could tell you the entire area has now considered to be a crime scene. There's still pouring water on the fire even though it is 95%. Today. Firefighters are still out here on the -- still trying to take care. Are some of the hot spots let's just show you some of the rubble and -- -- on this fire left -- really getting a chance. Now to see it in the daylight just how much damage was done out here. At least thirty businesses that according to the governor have been damaged -- can also tell you that now state. Local and federal investigators are out here -- on the city. -- priority. Is to let the criminal investigators go in there and arson inspectors and do their work to make sure we can. Determine as best we can what the cause of the fire was it is a scene of utter devastation. This is all that is left of dozens of once thriving boardwalk businesses. Some areas are still smoldering but what remains is charred rubble. It is all that's left following an inferno that ran through like an out of control -- The track -- fire began at the southern end of the boardwalk racing northward intensified by 25. Took thirty mile per hour winds and swallowing anything and it's -- Firefighters dug two trenches -- through a newly completed boardwalk. The first fire line fail but fortunately the second line at the Lincoln avenue held. Smoke and embers were falling on tar covered -- jobs. Which added fuel to this ever growing disaster. The fire -- and so did the challenges. Up to 400 firefighters braved the fire heat humidity wearing nearly 100 pounds of protective gear. As things grew out of man. This area was devastated by super storm sandy. It took a herculean effort to rebuild the boardwalk and time for the summer season. This community has gone through a lot and will need a lot to get back on its feet once again. And of course the smoldering out here from the fire could last for days that's because. A lot of the fire if there's any left trapped in pockets underneath the collapsed buildings. Routine firefighters are out here -- just changing shifts even at this hour they know they're going to be working out here for a few days longer. But this fire and unbelievable. Scene and people can't believe -- disasters happen in this community once again. That is the latest live from seaside park New Jersey Anthony Johnson channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":20250861,"title":"Jersey Shore Boardwalk Blaze Viewed as 'Suspicious'","duration":"2:33","description":"Arson inspectors will soon enter the scene at Seaside Park, N.J., to determine a cause of the fire.","url":"/US/video/jersey-shore-boardwalk-blaze-viewed-suspicious-20250861","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}