Jessica Ridgeway Murder Suspect in Court

Austin Reed Sigg, 17, will be charged as an adult if convicted of Colorado 10-year-old's death.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Ridgeway Murder Suspect in Court
-- his hands and feet shackled seventeen year old Austin -- appeared before Colorado judge accused of murdering ten year old Jessica Ridgeway and the nature of -- the all the circumstances that we. Anticipate charging as an -- cameras were not allowed in the courtroom where Jessica's family took up one row. Her heartbroken great grandmother couldn't hold back her anger -- on fire. -- -- mean that Elena. Blaze of glory some of six family members showed up but -- turned away. -- -- room but -- mother was present and sources tell ABC news she called police after Austin confessed to her that he had murdered Jessica. The ten year old vanished while walking to school -- October 5 -- dismembered body was found five days later. -- lives less than a mile from Jessica's home half mile from her school. And close to the reservoir where he's also accused of attacking a -- or five months ago. Authorities say they have plenty of DNA evidence. They're also looking at this YouTube clip shows a boy who looks like say wearing a cross similar to the one police found at a crime scene. I remember him wearing a necklace with a cross on his hands I never -- I guess getting together. And classmates say -- study were too -- science at this community college whose -- is Beatrice golden undervalued due to this far. -- be officially charged next week if convicted the death penalty is not an option because he's under eighteen. Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":17565789,"title":"Jessica Ridgeway Murder Suspect in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Austin Reed Sigg, 17, will be charged as an adult if convicted of Colorado 10-year-old's death.","url":"/US/video/jessica-ridgeway-murder-suspect-court-17565789","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}