Jewelry Store Owner Fires at Armed Robbers

Five suspects ran for the exit after being shot at by the California store owner.
1:33 | 08/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jewelry Store Owner Fires at Armed Robbers
Surveillance video shows a white Ford -- beat backing into a handicapped parking space. This one by 15 suspects violent to a Garden Grove jewelry store the masked men then attempt -- robbed the store at gunpoint. It was rather obvious it was going to be some sort of this smash and grab plus. Take over type robbery. But it seems city it was going to be a -- in Al and then get back in the in the vehicle. -- -- -- quick in and out fifteen seconds to beat -- side. As two of the suspects armed with handguns -- their weapons on employees at a single customer the three others opened pillow cases in demand cash. But barely half a second later they would -- empty handed chased out by one very angry store owner. The store owner was in the very back of the store and through a small window in that separates the main area the store to this back -- C armed herself with a handgun. As a suspect barged -- they ordered everyone to the ground thinking they have the upper hand. But the store owner would soon turn the tables on the armed robbers. She felt that this suspects were possibly getting interviewed the employees and a customer so she fired two rounds from her -- again towards the suspects which caused them to -- the store. And believe they did. Bumbling and stumbling into each other and they clamored to escape the store owners theory one suspect fired -- for round that hit this -- before exiting. Obviously we -- were leery of recommending that store owners take. Immediate action it's all going to be have to be based on the circumstances at hand and.

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{"id":16912622,"title":"Jewelry Store Owner Fires at Armed Robbers","duration":"1:33","description":"Five suspects ran for the exit after being shot at by the California store owner.","url":"/US/video/jewelry-store-owner-fires-at-armed-robbers-16912622","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}