Jodi Arias Jury Hears Death Penalty Arguments

Prosecution tries to prove that Travis Alexander felt mental or physical anguish when he was murdered.
1:40 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Jury Hears Death Penalty Arguments
-- -- -- Flying a rare show of emotion from -- areas today. -- -- Phoenix courtroom as the jury decides if the 32 year old convicted of murdering her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander should face the death penalty. The prosecution hoping to prove that Alexander suffered and that the murder five years ago was especially cool. How much separate and he was suffering. Suffering because it hurt into separate mental anguish. And -- All the way -- the the only witness to take the stand the medical examiner explaining the pain Alexander would have experience as he was shot in the head. His throat was slashed and he was stabbed nearly thirty times are what we feel in terms of having our staff. He probably experience shortness of breath and also -- to the area itself. But the defense claimed areas was unaware of any pain she was causing. Leaning on an assessment that areas has a personality disorder she didn't know or couldn't reasonably -- -- that was happening because she was. Functioning under this -- -- the bat good doctor mark. Says he had. And despite areas telling the Phoenix television station she wants the death penalty I think years ago and I get that tonight and I still. -- -- today the choice isn't hers the jury now determining if she is eligible to pay for this crime with her life. If they do recommend the death penalty the trial will move into a final phase if not a judge will determine the length of -- -- prison sentence. -- Gonzales ABC news New York.

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{"id":19187673,"title":"Jodi Arias Jury Hears Death Penalty Arguments","duration":"1:40","description":"Prosecution tries to prove that Travis Alexander felt mental or physical anguish when he was murdered.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-jury-hears-death-penalty-arguments-19187673","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}