Jodi Arias Maintains She 'Felt Like a Prostitute'

Prosecutor questions the accused murderer about her sexual relationship with Travis Alexander.
5:25 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Maintains She 'Felt Like a Prostitute'
So it appears yeah. Terms the least in terms of the KY. You're the one that introduced mr. Alexander Wright -- -- -- Bad it was used as part of these. Sexual. Game encounters to you. Yes can't you introduce that into the relationship. Because it was enjoyable to you right. It -- our activities London time. So they were enjoyable to start -- and this isn't here right. Snow street analysts. Our most where the first time I'm just asking about Kate what you introduced -- -- Into the relationship. To make it worse actually enjoyed it right. Yes in an attack before that your experience had been -- -- right. That's -- and at least tested -- bars that -- was involved in the east room. Probably am -- her back but definitely. So we're talking about this that level of experimentation. In this case. It looks like the book that you were experimenting together sexually right -- -- She -- when we hear things like well I felt like a prostitute that's not exactly true. Yeah. When you say that you felt like -- prosecuted. That's at odds. With what you're telling us -- What we're hearing here. OK -- -- tuchman different incidents and yes it would be. So. You're you're participation if you will in -- activity. Was equal thickness -- was in that game. Any derogatory -- sciences at -- prostitute. Is it really. What was going not representative of what's going on right. He listed it as my comfort imminently to span. Well I really do not believe the -- that you say that you felt like a prostitute but we're here for example this. Person -- this sexual conversation. It looks like he's doing the work that's moving -- work as a Palestinian. Sentenced it is a question what's the question the question isn't true that you with a one of -- movie alone. I Siemens needs. If it's usually -- There's. There is no I guess. Suggested there. Or any reason. Why should you -- prostitute it is mutually right. I didn't feel -- capacity during the just afterward did well. This is suggests that. You being. As merchant eight. Participant. In these activities as he was right yes an analyst. And it's you indicated on two occasions on direct examination that you felt like a prostitute right. I believe that continued her yes and in Hamburg you say that that's when you felt like -- correct. During her after thinking about -- calling retreating into. Let you know hotel room on the news kind of yeah. And additionally he also said that he felt like that actor. That baptism right. Unless he -- an accident he used. Pieces and then you can -- -- to did you know did you also say that you prostitute came here that is literal -- on the port. Yeah. If I didn't and it would be acting. And so if you didn't feel like that. And remember even referenced that piece of chocolate being totally irrelevant that yes and they said well I felt kind of like prostitute -- -- -- so. Already when you were in mesa right living in -- that's. That's actor he had broken up with him on June 20 ninth -- 2007. Right yes that's -- -- he had had -- many -- right. Yes that actor million already starting -- -- -- right. Yes. And so how is that you can say I felt like across. If you don't want to sort of movie that relationship and. Well. Differences make sense to me it doesn't make sense here that. Why is that there because you're moving the relationship and I provided McCain was right. And I really decent meals -- -- less -- You might use something else that wasn't KY but you provided there's something just -- -- -- KY. In this case they didn't close. We're not talking about it in the case may have we're talking about this case you win the war that -- -- Or brought into the relationship. To -- to make a better right. To facilitate activities sir now will make them better facilitated your activity right. Yes.

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{"id":18603343,"title":"Jodi Arias Maintains She 'Felt Like a Prostitute'","duration":"5:25","description":"Prosecutor questions the accused murderer about her sexual relationship with Travis Alexander.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-maintains-felt-prostitute-18603343","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}