Can Joe Biden swing Michigan back to blue?

ABC News’ Terry Moran reports from the battleground state of Michigan, closely split in the 2020 race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.
6:38 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for Can Joe Biden swing Michigan back to blue?
Michigan the state that shocked the Democrats in 2016 up prime target for both candidates this time. It's great to be here in Michigan and and do with the United Auto Workers. For decades though Wolverine state helped propel Democrats into the White House but Donald Trump cracked this part of the blue wall wide open and he hopes to take it again. November 3 Michigan you better vote for me I got you some of. Before trump Ronald Reagan was the last Republican to win here way back in 1984. A key question this year will those trump converts stick with him talk Chris my talent McComb county told us he will. I'm definitely more enthusiastic. Initially was still a candidate he was unproven. This go around I'll have seen for years to track record of Tim at least trying to get the job done. Trump is trailing Biden in Michigan the Supreme Court nomination of judge Amy coney Barrett. Hasn't seemed to change the race much but many voters including Chris don't like the hardball politics have little. So ideally it would be best to have a confirmation after the election just so that the there isn't any problems with the legitimacy of the way it's looked at by the rest of the country. But I would accept either. But the president goings full steam ahead as they should be a straightforward and prompt. Confirmation. Should be very easy. I think what we're saying is the ultimate level of hypocrisy coming from president senate Republicans are doing everything they can including the White House to see if they can Russia's Supreme Court justice down the throats of the American people. Don't reverend Charles Williams the second in Detroit says the Supreme Court fight and broader issues of racial justice require a much more energized Biden campaign. You need to see. Joseph Biden on the front lines of a protest in neat to see. Kamal hairs on the front lines of a protest you need to see Joseph Biden at Kamal here is. Passing out man as conservative people food this is eight urgent time in America right now. And merely talking about it is not enough. Half an hour away in Roseville sisters Leslie hall and Carmen Dickerson also believe more action than talking is needed. The same people who are around aren't seeing and Carl Tennessee and whatever their dealings I hope and pray that they are. Even that same amount of energy to get their community their friends their family everybody out for the pole because it's important that's where detains happen. This sisters run their own bakery which took a hit during the pandemic they're backing Biden to lead to recovery. And they question the president's business expertise. He says he's the business president. Do you feel that he's better for your business. I don't think that I think he's really can pass and about those smaller businesses that think van. When they come sifting through he's doing it only affects the larger companies out an agreement apparently has ever sentenced Yunel. The loss he can't hire sofa business president if you didn't successfully run your own. The other big issue that pandemic. Some trumps supporters like Rebecca Gregory who's a nurse cut him some slack. How lowest trump done on the pandemic. EL I tell everyone I don't cure what side they're on I blame no one for making mistakes during the pandemic. It's new I think overall he's done the best he can lift it. Mistakes were made on either side. Downplays masks he says he doesn't like to Wear Warren. Any failing on that team for you as a health care workers. I think his main focus is trying not to alarm the public master great mass work washing your hands works better. Covering your cough but people don't do this idea let's Wear the masks. Almost four years ago I came to Michigan after that stunning election so we want to find out. What the people McComb county feel. As inauguration around. You could feel the enthusiasm the optimism among trump supporters back then. Citing meaning someone who's going to find out middle ground round of the moment and give us some Paul Murnane warrior. One of them. Kim Newman writes and you feel the same way now I think his overall look. Leadership has been died I think that he's put a lot of good policies in place Aaron line winds. You know my family values elastomer and he was the outsider. Charging into Washington. Now he's the he's been in charge. And it's kind of a performance review I just think. Where we shall burn a weird climate yelled pandemic. Racial divide aid and that an election and it's just a check facts is. Ugly that makes it even more difficult for him. See you have a good performance review even McAllister Alison pandemic he's created jobs he's created opportunity. You know he's gotten people back to work. I think that if you look at the bigger picture and I just hope that people don't focus on its 120 alone I think you have to look at the big picture before you make of six decisions. But other 2016 troop supporters are switching sides. They didn't take long for me to really have severe buyer's remorse mayor Michael Taylor of Sterling Heights is a Republican right after backing trump in 2016. Kris Porter stammer Joseph Biden. Joseph Biden will be the first democratic presidential candidate that I voted for in my life. Mayor Taylor says truck lost his vote on character more than anything. But he knows his constituents and why they went with trump for years ago and may again I don't think that. Trump's voters are all racist I don't think that trumps voters Ross sexist. I don't think trumps voters are all just uneducated people I think there people who just have had enough for being told that they're not good enough. He says the races is tight here as it wasn't 2016. But Biden has a real shot. Joseph Biden is a different candidate than Hillary Clinton wants. And he doesn't need to peel off a whole lot of voters here he just needs a very small percentage he's been their for working class people for forty years. And he's not somebody that's gonna lie to you. Our thanks to Terry from that in depth report on dish check out the new show here at ABC news live hosted by Terry and Diana say no near voice your vote. The breakdown it airs right after this show. But tomorrow be sure to stay with us for that crucial first debate tomorrow night there will be a special edition of 20/20 starting at 8 eastern followed by the debate at 9 o'clock right here. On ABC news live.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"ABC News’ Terry Moran reports from the battleground state of Michigan, closely split in the 2020 race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73302814","title":"Can Joe Biden swing Michigan back to blue?","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-swing-michigan-back-blue-73302814"}